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7 Ways to Lower Your Moving Costs

Moving into a new house is exciting, but it can also make costs add up. Right now, the housing market is on everyone’s radar. Experts say now is the best time to buy a house because of its low rate and predicted increase of value. Homeowners should be aware that moving isn’t all that easy. […]

How do reward cards stack up?
Reward Cards: What’s right for you?
Credit users can gain even more of an edge with reward cards, but you have to be careful that the cost of using credit doesn't offset the rewards you earn.
Summer Vacation Budget Tips

The summer clock is ticking down! Before you know it the kids will be heading back to school and there is only a limited amount of time to have a family getaway. In this economy, it’s important to budget for everything, including vacations. Whether it be a night out or a weeklong getaway, knowing how […]

Preparing your finances for a baby

Whether parents are welcoming their first child into the world or a second or third, planning for the costs of a baby requires time and attention. From clothing and diapers to furniture and medical costs, the expenses associated with raising a newborn can be high. However, similar to saving money for other life events, the […]

Financial Preparation Tips for Hurricane Season and Disaster Planning

Hurricane Season is still running its course as we head into mid-July. Currently, Tropical Storm Chantal (in the Atlantic and Caribbean) and Tropical Storm Erick (in the Eastern Pacific) are on the National Hurricane Center’s radar. Whether or not the two storms affect your particular state, it’s important to prepare for hurricanes and other disasters. […]

Reducing the cost of your work commute

Millions of Americans commute to work everyday, and incur various expenses from gas and public transportation to tolls.  Throughout the year, these costs can add up, significantly reducing the amount of money you have at your disposal. This can be especially difficult if you have a mountain of credit card debt, as you will need to […]

2013 Sales Tax Holiday includes Computers and Tablets

With the start of July, businesses and consumers alike are prepping for the 2013 Sales Tax Holiday. The big newsflash in Florida this year is that computers and tablets under $750 will be included in the tax-free sale. This can yield a great discount (up to $52.50!) to anyone who plans to buy some new […]

Checking up on your summer finances

Happy First Day of Summer! (And National Flip Flop Day!) Before running off to the beach to soak in some rays, make sure all your finances are in order to make your summer enjoyable and stress-free! According to TripAdvisor, 56 percent of U.S. adults plan to take a summer trip before July. Summer vacations are […]

Four ways to find cash

When you’re counting quarters at the coffee shop to pay for your morning latte, you may think you’ve hit a new financial low. But what if you had a secret money stash that you never knew existed? The good news is, you do! Finding new ways to save and better utilizing what you have can […]

Simple ways to be happier with your financial situation

One of the top sources of stress many people cite relates to their financial situations. When you’re facing debt, low savings or struggling to make ends meet each month, being happy or comfortable with your standing is difficult. Not only that, but being complacent about these issues can be harmful to your future. On a […]

Enjoy dinners out with friends while sticking to your budget

When you’re trying to save money and live within a budget, you’ll be hard-pressed to find personal finance advice that doesn’t urge you to eat out less. Although you look forward to a night out with friends after a long work week or are dying to try a new restaurant that opened Saturday night, the […]

Happy Father’s Day! – 8 Free Gift Ideas for Dad

It’s almost Father’s Day! This Sunday, be sure to show your dad the love and appreciation he deserves. After all, he IS the guy who taught you how to ride a bike, who took you out for ice cream and who bought you video games when mom said no… So, to show your appreciation, be […]

Saving money on a limited income

Limited income? You’re not alone One of the most common reasons many people cite for failing to save money is that they make too small a salary to devote anything additional to a savings account. While stretching a small income can be challenging, it's not impossible, and individuals who want to build a stronger financial foundation that […]

Four specific strategies to help pay off credit card debt

Credit card debt can put a hamper on the personal finances of anyone who carries it for a significant amount of time as it accrues interest each month. To avoid a situation where debt piles up, people should consider one of these four strategies to help attack their balances: No. 1 – A balance transfer […]

3 Ways to Stay Fit this Summer – for Free!

Summer has just begun! To start your bright and sunny days on the right track, it’s important to exercise and be fit. The frugal friendly experts at Miss Money Bee have three ways to stay in shape without costing you a penny. One common problems people face when trying to cut back on their expenses […]

Engaged couples must be smart about money
Money moves for engaged couples
Engaged couples face an uphill battle to get on the same financial footing. We offer some tips on how to start the money talk to get on the same page.
Getting the most life value out of your money

For decades, experts have discussed the connection between money and happiness. Accomplishing true happiness is a goal to which most people aspire, but it’s challenging to live your “best life” when you’re struggling with a web of obligations. Figuring out how to pay bills or save money, find the perfect career, establish a loving relationship […]

Three financial tasks to carry out this summer

Summer marks the midway point of 2013, and there is no better time to do a quickly check-up on your financial progress. Typically, consumers spend more during the summer months on new clothing, road trips, vacations and outdoor events, so conducting a review of your money situation can not only help you make more informed […]

Creative ways to travel on a budget

Travel season has arrived, and after a harsh winter of sitting in your cubicle wishing for sunshine, you can probably hear the ocean waves calling your name. The only problem: your limited travel budget. Few people feel gratified during the summer if they don’t take at least one vacation, be it a weekend getaway, week-long […]

Frugal travel tips for Memorial Day weekend
Memorial Day Weekend – Safe and Frugal Travels!
If you're traveling this Memorial Day weekend, we have some helpful travel tips that can help you cut costs to keep credit card debt minimized.