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89 Days until Christmas: Now is the Time to Prevent a Holiday Hangover

My favorite time of the year is swiftly approaching – Christmas!  For those individuals who celebrate other holidays like Kwanzaa, Rosh Hashanah, and Hanukkah – the tips in this article apply to you as well! Now is the perfect time to prepare your personal finances for a happy holiday that doesn’t land you in dreadful […]

Transform Your Summer Wardrobe into a Winter Wonderland Collection: 8 Ways to Dress For Less This Fall

Fall is almost officially here and very soon it will no longer be acceptable to wear summer dresses and all white ensembles.  I want to help frugal fashionistas transform their summer and spring clothes into a fall and winter wardrobe without breaking the bank.  Check out my easy and chic list of rules to help […]

How to handle couch crashers and how much to charge them

Do you have a friend that is facing some hard financial times and has turned your couch into his/her bed? The question is – how long do you allow him/her to take over your living room or spare bedroom and then, do you charge them rent? To be perfectly honest, there is no perfect way […]

8 Money Must-Knows for College Freshmen

With back-to-school shopping season in full swing, kids are gearing up to go away to college and start a new way of life with new friends, new hobbies, new classes, and teachers.  But there is one more responsibility that 18-year-old college freshman need to prepare for: managing their money on their own. Living independent from […]

Layaway your way through the back-to-school shopping season!

With several major retailers promoting layaway for back-to-school shopping, Miss Money Bee wants to be your go-to money blog keeping you informed on the benefits of layaway and what stores are offering it. Layaway offers zero percent financing over a 8 week period for school items like laptops, iPods, new clothes and school supplies – the […]

New Guidelines for Debt Collectors Seeking Payment from Relatives of Deceased Debtors

After 119,000 consumer complaints were filed with the Federal Trade Commission in 2009 regarding harassing debt collectors and their deceptive practices, new proposals and guidelines have been released for debt collectors seeking to be paid from relatives of deceased debtors. At Miss Money Bee, we aim to keep our readers informed on the latest personal […]

Virtually deposit checks for greater banking convenience
New Smartphone App Allows You to Virtually Deposit Checks
A new smartphone app allows you to virtually deposit checks, giving you virtually no reason to need to swing by an ATM anymore with mobile banking.
What Happens When You Default on Your Student loans

A considerable number of college graduates are finding it hard to pay off their student loans as the economy remains sluggish and the unemployment rate remains steady.  While we always advise readers to pay off all debt in an effort to establish financial wellness and independence, it is especially important to pay off student loans. […]

6 Frugal Travel Tips For Summer Vacations

June 21st will kick off the official start of summer and like millions of other Americans, I’d bet that you are planning to enjoy a summer vacay!  Below is a list of helpful and frugal tips to help you get the most bang for your buck on your 2011 summer vacation. 1. Use those travel […]

The Cost of Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy; even the crankiest person in the world yearns to be happy sometime, but how happiness is attained can, in some cases, cost money. That’s because when some people get sad or depressed or have a really bad day, they go shopping. Shopping therapy produces immediate relief and happiness, but can […]

How to Measure Your Debt Load – Healthy vs. Unhealthy

Credit-card debt doesn’t have to be bad  – but it must be managed properly. Using credit cards is one of the primary ways Americans establish a healthy credit score.  Credit cards also act as great emergency fund resources when a big unexpected cost comes up – but using credit cards must be done with caution […]

Frugal Tip: Utilize Online Layaway Payment Systems

The layaway payment system is a promotional offer where retail stores allow customers to deposit a down payment on the cost of an item(s) that he or she wants to buy and then allows them up to 90 days to pay-off the item in full to receive the purchase. Layaway is now becoming more popular […]

Smartphone apps help you save money
How to Save Money by using Smartphone Apps
Smartphone apps don't just give you an easy way to kill time. These 10 apps will help you save money so you can stay on budget and avoid debt problems.
Publix coupon policy has changed
Keeping You in The Know: Publix Coupon Policy Changes
if you do your grocery shopping at Publix, then you should take note of these key Publix coupn policy changes so you can keep saving and avoid paying more.
Prom Night: Four Tips to Look & Feel Fabulous Without Breaking the Bank

1. Dress for less – The most important part of prom for most young ladies is their dress! Everyone who is at the prom wants to have the prettiest dress and some dresses can cost up $500, but for those moms who want to incorporate frugal living into their daughter or son’s prom shopping experience, […]

5 Last-Minute Frugal Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Breakfast in Bed — Cook your mom her favorite breakfast meal and serve her in bed for Mother’sDay! This obviously only applies to those individuals that live with their mother or are staying with their mom on Mother’s Day Weekend.  This lovely gesture will catch her off guard and still show how much you […]

Fun and Frugal Easter Best Buys

Spring time is here, and Easter is approaching – so I thought what better time than now to advise Miss Money Bee reader’s on the best buys for Easter decorations, food and attire. Check out my fun and festive Easter list below to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank! 1. Buy peeps! For those […]

Saving Experiment: Items you should and shouldn’t buy on eBay

I am an avid eBay shopper.  In order to live within my means and still get the things that I want, I take my online shopping to eBay!  eBay is a great website for people like myself who cannot afford and should not spend $200 on a watch or a $100 on a new vacuum, […]

24 Ways to Start Living the Frugal Life

1.      Clip coupons – Check out daily for the latest and BEST coupons for groceries, clothes and many other essentials! 2.      Eat out less – Although eating out is fun, requires no cooking skills, and leaves you with no dirty dishes at the end of the meal, it can be expensive.  Plan out your […]

14 Tips for Cutting College Costs and Increasing Your Financial Aid

Over the past decade, public school tuition has risen at an annual rate of 5.6%. Getting a college education is getting more expensive and financial aid offices are giving out less grants, scholarships and loans. The combination of these two happenings can hurt your wallet if you aren’t frugal and smart. I have put together […]