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Tying rewards to Facebook accounts
Citi Allows Cardholders to Tie Rewards to Facebook Accounts
Citi cardholders have a new way of using their credit card rewards. Tying rewards to Facebook accounts opens up a wide range of possibilities.
February Financial Tips
6 Fabulous February Financial Tips
Leap year means February is a longer month. These six fabulous February financial tips can help you save money and avoid debt this month.
2011 Debit Fees Were Shut Down, But What Other Charges Are to Come in 2012? Tips to Prevent Your Bank from Taking Advantage of You

Remember the bad publicity that Bank of America and several other major banking institutions inflicted on themselves in late 2011 when they announced a new $5.00 monthly checking/debit card fee?  Well, after several nationwide protests from angry customers, BOA caved and retracted their monthly debit fee agenda. The reason financial institutions are looking for new […]

What a waste of cash
4 Services that are a Total Waste of Cash
Some financial resources you can't live without, but these four services are a waste of cash that you can lose and do it yourself to save some serious cash.
Last minute Christmas Gifts that won't break the bank
4 Days until Christmas: 4 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for $10 or Less
There may be only 4 days left before Christmas, but these last minute Christmas gifts for less than $10 will be a hit without busting your budget.
Be thankful for what you have on Thanksgiving
5 Ways to Give More and Be Extra Thankful This Thanksgiving
You don't have to spend money to make Thanksgiving special. We have some easy ideas on how to give more and be thankful without breaking the bank.
Tech trinkets make great gifts
5 Awesome Tech Trinkets for $100 or Less
Black Friday is nearly a week away, which means it's time to gear up for the biggest shopping weekend of the year with these great tech trinket gift ideas.
Black Friday Predictions & Tips

Black Friday, also known as America’s biggest shopping day of the year, is almost a week away and shoppers are intrigued about what  discounts and deals they will find.  A National Retail Federation (NRF) shopping survey reported that 138 million people anticipate to shop this year’s deals and give-a-ways, up 4 million from 136 million […]

We help you save big on pet expenses
8 Ways to Save on Pet Expenses
You love your pets, but you don't want to allow high-cost pet care items, toys and food to get the best of your budget. We help you save on pet expenses.
Reviewing the Apple iPhone 4S
Apple iPhone 4S: Is it Worth the Money?
We look at 10 essential points on the Apple iPhone 4S to assess if this new smartphone is worth your money now or if you should wait for a price decrease.
Steve Jobs promoted these millionaire habits in life
5 Millionaire Habits You Should Start Practicing
In memory of Steve Jobs, we look at 5 millionaire habits that Steve followed which can help you achieve financial stability and wealth in your own life.
8 Money Must-Knows for College Freshmen

With back-to-school shopping season in full swing, kids are gearing up to go away to college and start a new way of life with new friends, new hobbies, new classes, and teachers.  But there is one more responsibility that 18-year-old college freshman need to prepare for: managing their money on their own. Living independent from […]

Virtually deposit checks for greater banking convenience
New Smartphone App Allows You to Virtually Deposit Checks
A new smartphone app allows you to virtually deposit checks, giving you virtually no reason to need to swing by an ATM anymore with mobile banking.
Smartphone apps help you save money
How to Save Money by using Smartphone Apps
Smartphone apps don't just give you an easy way to kill time. These 10 apps will help you save money so you can stay on budget and avoid debt problems.
Publix coupon policy has changed
Keeping You in The Know: Publix Coupon Policy Changes
if you do your grocery shopping at Publix, then you should take note of these key Publix coupn policy changes so you can keep saving and avoid paying more.