Monica Victor

Monica is a certified credit counselor, writer and client advocacy manager. She is the executive editor of an online magazine,, which celebrates the accomplishments of her fellow St. Lucians and highlights her island’s culture. Monica attended Florida Atlantic University where she double majored in Journalism and Psychology and minored in Sociology. Her writings seek to help consumers successfully manage their hard earned dollars and cents, encourage folks to live debt-free, and to improve or otherwise maintain a healthy financial outlook.

Posts by Monica Victor:

Ronnie Pays Off $50K in Credit Card Debt and Swears Off Credit Cards
Many of us enjoy the convenience of swiping our credit cards. But, too much swiping can lead to serious debt problems. See how Ronnie paid off over $40,000.
Cheat on your credit card homework
Linda P. Discovers It’s Not Hard To Live Without Credit Cards
Linda finds giving up her credit cards wasn't as hard as she thought. A debt management program helped her pay off her debt and realize that cash is king.
Why Retired Women Are More Prone To Financial Crisis
Retired women are more prone to financial crisis than men. But there are steps women can take to have a financially successful retirement.
Life & Debt: Not your typical self-help book, I swear
Debt Sucks but learning to love your debt is the first step to getting rid of it says Leslie Tayne Attorney–Debt Therapist & author of new book Life & Debt.
An End of Life Checklist To Leave The Legacy You Want
What do you want your legacy to be? Putting plans in place before the inevitable happens is essential in ensuring the legacy you want after you're gone.
How Much Does Thanksgiving Cost at Your House?
Americans spend over a $1 Billion on Thanksgiving. Money expert Michelle Hutchison says the key to surviving Turkey Day debt-free is to budget.
“The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Couponing”
Want to save money on everyday essentials? This Ultimate Guide to Extreme Couponing shows you how to become an expert to reap the ultimate savings reward.
How Althea Paid Off 20K In Credit Card Debt
Althea's $20K credit card debt were a result of repairs to her floors and what she calls "material foolishness".Consolidated Credit helped her pay it off.
Halloween Doesn’t Have To Be Seriously Harrowing
A safe Halloween is a fun Halloween.This guide contains a wealth of tips to help keep your family safe during this age old and fun-filled holiday.
When Physical Pain Leads to Financial Pain
When Ilma's back pain became too much to bear, she was forced to quit her job. With now no paycheck,she was forced to live off her credit cards.
A Back-To-School Guide for Parents and Marketers

School will soon be in session but it still isn’t too late to get some back-to-school shopping and marketing tips. Although it isn’t the biggest shopping season, Americans will spend billions on back-to-school shopping this year. Check out The Shelf’s Infographic for tips on how to “rock your back to school sales and marketing.”

Gain financial success in spite of limited means
Debt Can Drive You Crazy

The stress and strain of debt can potentially ruin anyone’s mental health. As a mental health counselor, Paula sees people suffer emotionally all the time. Consumed with debt, she found herself suffering emotionally and reached out to a different company for help. But instead of helping her, they stole from her. Consolidated Credit achieved for Paula what the other company couldn’t – freedom from debt.

Consolidated Helped Mark C. avert 2nd Bankruptcy
How Mark C. paid off his $10K credit card debt through debt management and averted another bankruptcy. He says he will never be in debt again.
How second-hand clothes led to $32,000 in credit card debt

Esther D. grew up in a frugal household. She remembers the only time she got to wear ‘new’ clothes was on the first day of school. On other days Esther donned hand-me-downs from her older siblings – a memory she said led to $32,000 in credit card debt problem as an adult. Consolidated Credit helped her gain freedom from debt and regain control of her finances.

The Best Ways to Save Over 4th of July Weekend
Don't let 4th of July party plans blow up your in your face when it comes to your budget! We have the best ways to save over the holiday weekend.
Distraction over Debt Almost Ends in Disaster

Debt problems can consume our thoughts and throw us off our focus. Susie can attest. Coming home from work one day, Susie was so distracted by her debt problems that she forgot to put the car in park before exiting. As her life flashed before her eyes, so did the bills, more bills. Consolidated Credit helped Susie regain focus and control of her finances.

Deals On BBQ Spices For Dad
Dads and grilling just go together, so in honor of Father's Day and the start of summer, we're featuring deals on BBQ spices that you can't afford to miss.
Helping Veterans get ahead after serving
A Veteran at War with Debt

To mark Memorial Day Weekend, we’re featuring a profile of a Consolidated Credit client – an Iraq War Veteran who came home with PTSD to face serious problems with credit card debt. Veterans often struggle to get ahead after transitioning to civilian life. Here’s on Veteran’s story of triumph.

When Retail Therapy Turns into Financial Distress
Using credit cards for retail therapy may make you feel better in the moment, but the stress of the high-interest debt that follows usually isn't worth it.
April: Spring Clean Your Home and Finances
It's time to clean out the financial clutter! Learn helpful ways you can spring clean your finances along with your home as you dust off the winter grime.