Michelle Bryan

Before Michelle began teaching women how to save money, Michelle made money as a successful real estate investor. She’s also an expert in corporate brand management, so she understands how advertisers try to separate you from your money. Her work has appeared on sites as diverse as Yahoo, GoBankingRates, City Pulse, Newsday, On Call and more… When she isn’t trying to get people out of debt, she’s trying to get them to eat organic foods – the Arizona State University journalism major writes passionately on the topic. She graduated from the prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Communication and Journalism with a major in Mass Communication and Media.

Posts by Michelle Bryan:

You can save money without going crazy with extreme couponing
Extreme Couponing Isn’t All That Extreme
You may think you have to go crazy with extreme couponing if you really want to save money, but the truth is you can get great deals without getting crazy.
Leo saves you money on Earth Day
Leonardo DiCaprio is saving the earth and your money
Leonardo Dicaprio is saving the earth and your money for Earth Day this year. This infographic shows you how to save some green by going green.