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Energize Your Home Savings

Performing an energy audit in your own home will help you identify where most of your energy consumption is going. Once you have pinpointed where the majority of your energy consumption is being used, you can take the proper steps to reduce consumption; which in turn will save you money. Go to or […]

Dental Care Doesn’t Have To Take A Bite Out Of Your Wallet

Even though Healthcare has been a hot topic up on the Hill over the past year, Dental Care continues to be overlooked and even if you have insurance, it can really take a bite out of your wallet. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, nearly half the people in the United States have […]

Back to School – Money Saving Ideas

Ok, don’t panic.  Preparing to go back to school doesn’t have to be expensive or done all at once.  Here are some tips that can help your child get ready for school without busting your budget. Search online and see if your State offers a “Tax Free Holiday”.  Some States give sales tax breaks aligned […]

The Five Critical Needs of Children

Yes, debt can be daunting.  When most families find themselves struggling with debt or working to resolve their issues, often when both parents are working and the day to day just seems to be a grind, it’s important to take a step back every once in a while and truly take stock in what is […]