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3 Steps to Boost Your Savings This Year

Many people begin the New Year excited about accomplishing their financial resolutions, but they become discouraged when they feel they are not reaching their goals fast enough. In response, many give up and revert back to negative spending habits that are detrimental to their futures. Saving consistently is challenging, but it’s important to have a […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Finances in 2013

This year was difficult for many adults of all ages and demographics. Foreclosures were elevated, the unemployment rate remained high and a large number of people reported significant student loan and credit card debt. This does not mean that people are willing to let these scenarios hold them back from improving their finances in 2013, […]

Poor credit may hurt your job search
Don’t Let Poor Credit Prevent You From Getting a Job
A bad credit profile can do more than making borrowing difficult, your poor credit could keep you from landing your dream job if you're not careful.
How to Respond When Your Budget Isn’t Working

You may have big ideas in mind about creating your first monthly budget. But when your first budget fails, along with next month’s and the one after, you probably start feeling frustrated. Budgeting is not as easy as it looks from the onset, and small mistakes can leave you feeling stretched thin at the end […]

5 Tips to Maximize Your Savings on Free Shipping Day

If you couldn’t shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, don’t worry. There is one more holiday shopping day around the corner. This Monday, Dec. 17 is Free Shipping Day, an online shopping event where more than 2,000 retailers offer free shipping for delivery on Dec. 24. Free Shipping Day, along with Cyber Monday, is […]

Sign a prenup before you get married
Prenuptial Agreements: 5 Factors to Consider Before You Sign
Before you decide to sign any prenuptial agreements, make sure to consider these points so you can avoid getting shafted if your marriage ends in divorce.
Develop a Plan to Prevent Overspending This Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here. While spending time with friends and family often makes many people excited about the start of holiday festivities, the cost of purchasing gifts, food, decorations and other items can be high. People who don’t develop a money management plan may find themselves turning to credit cards or their savings […]

Keep holiday travel costs down
Don’t Let Holiday Travel Costs Deplete Your Savings
Holiday travel costs can keep you grounded and ruin your plans, but we have some helpful tips to get your travel plans off the ground without debt.
The Barclaycard MasterCard: Equality in Your Plastic Relationship

By Credit Card Select Successful relationships hinge on the interplay of give and take. A partner who is too headstrong, controlling, and demanding can plant toxic seeds into unions, and given time, will fester into disaster. The same goes for the relationship you have with your plastic. All too often, consumers can find themselves feeling […]

CFPB to Supervise Debt Collection Agencies

Receiving a phone call from a debt collector can create anxiety and humiliation for people with unpaid balances. In recent years, however, there have been reports of debt collection agencies relying on intimidation, threats, unethical and, in some cases, illegal practices to bully borrowers into paying up. In an effort to put an end to […]

What’s Your Money Mindset?

Joe John Duran, author of “The Money Code,” invites readers to understand how to be financially successful by thinking about behavior patterns instead of external factors. Readers can learn to navigate the complex world of finance by reflecting on daily decisions and discovering their money mindsets. I want to share the following content from “The […]

Debt Collectors Can Help During Identity Theft Crisis

Important Steps to Take For Identity Fraud Victims Thieves are finding more and more ways to steal people’s identities. From the recently surfaced conversation-recording Smartphone virus to the traditional ATM skimmers (devices used to capture debit card numbers), people are falling into serious financial troubles. Many who fall victim to identity theft aren’t immediately aware […]

Scammers Now “Pinning” on Pinterest

Scammers will do whatever it takes to find new victims, even if this means tracking millions of users on different social media outlets. Their latest scheme involves targeting users on Pinterest, the third most popular social media platform. As Pinterest allows user to “pin” pictures to virtual boards and discuss ideas with others, it also […]

Managing Your Household Finances When Adult Children Move Back Home

Student loan debt, a weak job market and rising apartment costs are prompting many recent graduates to move back in with their parents. While you may be happy to help your children during difficult financial times, supporting grown kids can place an additional strain on your finances and create tension within the family. So, how […]

Free tax planning web chat
Kiplinger Editors Address Tax Planning in Free Live Web Chat
The tax experts at Kiplinger have some valuable advice headed into tax season. We have the details on their free tax planning web chat.
Sweet budgeting tips for Halloween
Tricks, Treats and Too Many Bills for Halloween
Plan carefully for Halloween spending to avoid going overboard and taking on too much credit card debt. We treat you to 6 simple Halloween budgeting tips.
Miss Money Bee Writer Tells You how She Became Debt Free

Back in 2007 spending money wasn’t an issue in my life. If I spent too much, I could get a second job or borrow money from my parents. At the time the economy was booming and it seemed that the only requirements to succeed were hard work and education. Once the economic crisis began, I […]

Are Women Obsessed With Plastic Surgery?

If you ask any woman what she would change about her body, you will probably get a long list of flaws ranging from “large noses” to “flabby bellies.” In 2010, 9.5 million women underwent cosmetic procedures according to This figure reveals that many women obsess about their body. And why wouldn’t they? Society praises […]

Is It Time For Plastic Surgery?

Many Americans are convinced that saving money is a waste of time. Why should they save if they can borrow money every time they need it? A big problem begins when an unexpected event doesn’t allow a person to make the minimum payments on their credit cards. It’s then when people realize they owe thousands […]

Conflict over joint accounts can end relationships
Can joint accounts damage your personal finances?
Opening joint accounts after marriage can make it easy to manage your money as a couple, but you have to get on the same financial page.