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Lowering Your Interest Rate Can Help Reduce Credit Card Debt

Getting bogged down with credit card debt can be a stressful experience. However, there are ways that you can improve your situation, one being reducing your credit card’s interest rate. While not guaranteed to work, you can achieve this by calling the customer service number on the back of your card and asking for a […]

How to Overcome the “Materialistic Syndrome”

There is no doubt that money is an important part of our lives. Money is essential to building a sound financial framework and achieving some of our personal goals. However, when money becomes the only way to find satisfaction, you may be suffering from what I call the “materialistic syndrome.” This syndrome simply means that […]

Great hotel rooms don't have to break the bank
4 Tips to Save on Hotel Rooms
Don't let the high cost of a pricey hotel room derail your vacation budget. We have 4 ways to find cheap hotel rooms to keep your trip costs low.
6 Tips to Start Your Business

Getting laid off is a bitter pill to swallow, but it doesn’t mean you are doomed for failure. Many people who are unemployed have launched their own business becoming more successful than at their previous job. So, if you are talented or have an original idea in mind, maybe you should consider starting your own […]

5 Tips to Battle Gas Prices

This year gas prices started to rise earlier than expected. Usually, they increase at the end of the spring just before the summer vacation season. However, as a result of speculation and a high demand for oil, this year gas prices spiked early. According to the AAA Motor Club’s Fuel Gauge Report, the national average […]

Don’t Be a Victim of Credit Report Errors

As you may have heard, a Federal Trade Commission study showed that 5 percent of credit reports have mistakes that could lead consumers to pay more for loans, insurance and other financial products. This fact is not surprising, as we can’t expect millions of credit reports to be perfect. And having an error on your […]

How Do You Handle Your First Credit Card?

Whether you are going away to college and opening a credit card for emergencies, or getting your first card for another reason, it will be a new experience. With a credit card comes financial responsibility, and you need to know how to appropriately handle your first card. Make sure you understand the terms: One of […]

Spread the love with Valentine's Day apps
6 Apps for an Affordable and Romantic Valentine’s Day
Making your Valentine feel special doesn't have to break the bank. These Valentine's Day apps can help you spread the love and save big.
7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your 2012 Tax Return

By Rick Rodgers, CFP Every year, our politicians talk about the need to simplify the tax code and every year they make it more complex. The average taxpayer will spend an estimated 23 hours completing their return. Eighty percent of taxpayers will hire someone to do the work, or buy tax software, even though 64 […]

Achieve a perfect credit score
Steps to Achieving a Perfect Credit Score
It may seem impossible, but you can take steps to clean up your reports and build credit to achieve a perfect credit score with a little work.
Have You Planned Ahead for These Common Emergencies?

Many people are aware that financial emergencies can occur at the drop of a pin, and plan accordingly by saving a small sum to cover these potential disasters. Unfortunately, a greater number of individuals carry the “it won’t happen to me” mentality, which can put their financial security in jeopardy. Some aspects of financial prosperity […]

Enjoy Dinners Out With Friends While Sticking to Your Budget

When you’re trying to save money and live within a budget, you’ll be hard-pressed to find personal finance advice that doesn’t urge you to eat out less. Although you look forward to a night out with friends after a long work week or are dying to try a new restaurant that opened Saturday night, the […]

Will You Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely?

Tax season is here, and you are probably gathering your W-2s, 1099s and other documents to file your taxes. While the process of submitting returns can be tedious, many people look forward to receiving a sizable refund from Uncle Sam. I’m planning to use my tax refund toward the purchase of a new car. Fortunately, […]

Is Your Paycheck Getting Smaller This Year?

Do you feel like your paycheck got a little lighter this year? Well, it did. Your paycheck is smaller as a result of the payroll tax cut expiration. In December of 2010, Congress cut payroll taxes from 6.2 to 4.2 percent to boost the economy, but the deal expired on Jan 1. The payroll tax […]

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2013 money resolutions
How to Stick to Your Money Resolutions This Year
Don't let your money resolutions slide by February this year! We help you keep your financial resolutions for the New Year so you can reach your goals.