Pinching Pennies: The Cost of Financial Stress in the Workplace

Think about what stresses you out. Probably stuff with your kids—school, their schedules, sports. Home life too—just the normal things that are on everyone’s schedule such as cleaning and bills cause stress as well. And then there’s work. For many of us, work is a place that causes stress that filters down and around all of life. Work is responsible for all sorts of mental and emotional stress—and it also causes financial stress, too.

Financial stress from work comes from different causes, but it creates all sorts of trickle down effects, from physical issues such as hypertension to avoiding necessary check ups because of money worries that originate at work.

And it impacts work, too, leading to higher turnover and less productive employees. If we feel financial stress at work, we’re also putting off things we need, such as retirement.

What does financial stress at work look like? This graphic explains it.