9 Ways to Add Income from Home

If you have to stay at home throughout the day or have limited hours at your job, earning some extra cash can be super handy. Work-at-Home income opportunities are excellent in that they involve minimal travel and require few expenses. You also get the chance to feel comfortable in your home and can handle chores throughout the day if you are a stay-at-home parent. Here are some of the ways to make extra money that you may not have realized were even possible. In the age of technology, the internet has opened up opportunities that were not available before:

Freelance Writing

If you have excellent language skills, creativity, and a passion for content, writing for bloggers and content mills can earn you a respectable income, regardless of the amount of time you have at your disposal. The good thing about this work is the flexibility of the working hours that comes with most projects. Payments are made via online money transfer, check or bank transfers.

Take Online Surveys

Online surveys can be very rewarding opportunities because they only require a few minutes per task. In many cases, your payments may come in the form of points that can be redeemed later on when shopping online. In addition to the fact that there are no signup costs involved, there are countless companies that are willing to pay people to take their online surveys.

Rent out Your Vehicle

A stay-at-home parent or someone who only drives to and from work can also use the family vehicle to generate cash. There are firms like Turo that will rent your car on an hourly or daily basis. Prices depend on the current market value of your vehicle, but you typically get approximately 60 percent of the earnings. An app like Uber also works on an almost similar model. In some cases if you live near public transit stations, you can also rent out your driveway as a parking space.


You probably have neighbors who have kids and would like an affordable option when it comes to daycare services. Babysitting for them will be excellent because you can charge lower fees than the daycare centers available in the neighborhood. This work-at-home opportunity works best if you love spending time with kids and if you have children of your own. You can earn a considerable amount if a good number of neighbors entrust their children to you.

Online Trading

With some investment capital, you can trade shares online from the comfort of your home. Today, there are trading apps that are so easy to use that you can educate yourself on how to navigate them. Tasks such as placing orders and giving selling instructions can be done at whatever time you desire and from the comfort of your home. The greatest aspect of it is that you can monitor the performance of your investment through providers like CMC Markets, which is an online brokerage firm that you can use in your trading activities.

Sell Photos

Stock Image sites accept and pay for high-quality photos. So, if you have a photography skill and passion, this could be a great money making opportunity. These images are usually posted on various sites, and you will get to earn for each downloaded image. Shutterstock.com, Squeequee, iStock and Dreamstime are top sites that buy images.

Spy on Stores

A couple of apps now pay individuals to make visits to local stores for independent price checks, product reviews, business location verifications or other tasks. Such tasks allow you to shop while working, meaning that you don’t need to separate your time for each. What’s more, the tasks that you will be required to carry out are discreet.

Test Websites

You can get money at home by carrying out usability tests on new websites. You just need to visit such websites and perform a few tasks on them. Later, you give critiques and feedback about your experience, which will qualify you to receive a payment. There are countless sites launched everyday due to the popularity of the internet, and that is what makes website testing such a lucrative venture.

Tutor Online

Someone who is specialized in a particular subject can take advantage of the internet to offer online tutoring services. You can teach a language, be a fitness instructor, a math tutor or anything you are good at to earn extra income. Hours are flexible since they are based on what you agree on with your students. You get paid per hour, and earnings can be quite good for tough subjects that have limited tutors.

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