Halloween Doesn’t Have To Be Seriously Harrowing

A safe Halloween is a fun Halloween!

Halloween, a day filled with fun and sweets, scary fun and seriously scary accidents too. Data from Couponchief.com’s, “A Mother’s Complete Guide to Halloween Safety” show the incidences of kids being struck by a car increases on Halloween and that deaths and injuries by fire jump from October 30th to November 2nd.

These statistics are harrowing.

Another shows, “Child pedestrian deaths more than double on Halloween, compared to an average day, 60% of child pedestrian accidents occurred from 5 pm to 9 pm and in over 70% of the accidents, the child was not crossing at an intersection or crosswalk.”

child-pedestrian-accidentsRecognizing this, the folks at Couponchief.com compiled the detailed guide aptly titled, “A Mother’s Complete Guide to Halloween Safety,” to help mothers keep their kids safe as they go from house to house, street to street partaking in the age old tradition. In the guide they outline safety measures like street and food safety, candy and costume safety to preparing your own home for Halloween. But these aren’t the only dangers they cover. The guide also offers tips for exercising caution at the door yours and your neighbors including when to use “No,Go,Yell,Tell.”

The most dangerous part of Halloween they say is your child being struck by a car. With the statistics to prove it, they offer six street savvy safety tips to discuss with your children, eight tips on how to select the best costume to make sure your precious ones have a fun and safe Halloween.

halloween-967795_640A safe Halloween is indeed a fun Halloween. Take a look at Couponchief.com’s “A Mother’s Complete Guide to Halloween Safety complete with a checklist to help prepare you and your  pets for the spooktacular holiday.

Halloween does not have to be scary, unless it’s the fun kind.

Here’s to A Safe and Fun-Filled Halloween! Boo!