A Back-To-School Guide for Parents and Marketers

By the time the school bell rings this fall semester, parents would’ve already spent billions of dollars on back-to-school – $828 Billion, yup billion with a B according to The Shelf. The average household would’ve already shelled out around $600.

Parents and small businesses take note

The infographic by The Shelf, is chock-full of information that both parents and marketers can benefit from. Parents to get the most bang for their buck (well…if not this year, considering class will soon be in session, perhaps the next) and small businesses to cater to the shopping habits, patterns and trends of parents to get them through their door.

Parents aim to please their children and everyone loves a discount

When it comes to shopping for food, supplies and clothing, close to 60 percent of shoppers say their child’s preference is a major factor behind purchase decisions followed by the discounts being offered. While small businesses may have little to no control over the child’s personal taste, as for the other factor – discounts – the power is in your hands.

Technology – the ultimate shopping assistant

Gone are the days when our parents and grandparents spent hours clipping coupons. And the days when if you forgot your coupons or missed an ad, you’d probably miss advertised discounts, sale breaks and deals. With advancements in technology and the advent of mobile devices and apps and social media, access to coupons, deals and information have never been easier.

The Shelf’s data shows that a whopping 92 percent of parents use mobile devices during back-to-school-shopping to either check prices (71%), check promos (61%), check availability of products (54%), trends and inspiration and so on.

Eighty-nine percent of shoppers say the availability of mobile coupons determines where they shop. And, 33 percent use their mobile devices in-store when back-to-school shopping.

Oh and mom, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you might want to have dad hand over the cash and keep him away from the stores. Your wallet will thank you. Sorry business owners, The Shelf says 37 percent more money is spent when dads are in charge of back-to-school-shopping and only 27 percent of dads look for coupons while shopping.

For tips and tricks of running a successful back-to-school campaign, the bottom of the infographic offers many tips…

  • Go where shoppers frequent – social media
  • Cater and advertise to dads and grandparents too
  • People are drawn to stories that evoke emotions, stories to which they can relate. Bear that in mind when planning your campaigns
  • Reach out to mommy bloggers and influencers; ask them to showcase your product in one of their blog posts.

Check out The Shelf’s epic infographic and good luck this back-to-school season.

Courtesy of: The Shelf