Debt Can Drive You Crazy

Paula understands, she’s lived through it

“As a mental health counselor, I’ve seen people suffer emotionally,” says Paula. “And when I became consumed with debt, I was suffering.”

Her problems started when Paula’s father became sick …

She moved into his house in Virginia to help out. She ended up taking over the money decisions – paying the taxes, water, cable, and other bills. Her siblings wanted their share of the home, so Paula took out a mortgage in the late ’90s to pay them and some of her own credit card bills.

“I was left to pay off the loan on my own and the bills became overwhelming,” Paula says. “I used credit cards as a buffer so I could pay my bills.”

In 2006, Paula refinanced the house to get a few extra bucks …

She paid off her credit cards again but still couldn’t handle all the bills – and began using her cards to compensate.

“I was only making minimum payments on my cards, and the interest rates were at or near 20 percent,” Paula recalls. “My mental health was in ruins. I knew I needed help but didn’t know where to turn.”

Then one night while sitting at her computer organizing all her bills, she began to cry …

“I just couldn’t take it anymore,” she says. “I wanted to pay my bills, I just needed help doing it.”

That’s when she made a phone call to a debt consolidation company and was introduced to Richard …

“Richard was wonderful,” she says. “He was patient with me because I was so scared that I would be ripped off. It took him a week to get any personal information out of me.” Richard came up with a great plan, but unfortunately, the company he worked for was bought out by another debt consolidation firm. When Paula tried to contact them, their phones were disconnected.

That’s when she realized more than $1,000 was taken out of her bank account, but it wasn’t used to pay off her debt consolidation loan. She’d been ripped off …

Paula spent her days and nights making phone calls, trying to solve her financial mess. Meanwhile, her creditors started calling her wondering why she wasn’t paying off her debt.

“I was upset and angry and I had no one to talk to,” Paula says. “I called Richard because he was the only person I trusted and I knew I could count on him.”

Richard was working for Consolidated Credit at the time Paula called him.

I remember when Paula called,” Richard says. “She was very emotional because her financial situation was in bad shape, and it wasn’t her fault. I collected her new information and signed her up with Consolidated Credit.”

And now Paula is happily reunited with Richard again …

“It’s great to be working with Richard and Consolidated Credit. But I’m still fighting to get my money from the other debt consolidation company. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, but I’m getting back on track.”

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