The 25 Worst Jobs in the US for 2014

By Jeffrey Strain

What are the worst jobs in the US for 2014? You might be surprised. Chances are if you think of jobs you would hate to do, you can come up with a list fairly quickly that you would think should make the list. The list of the worst jobs in 2014, provided by Career Cast, probably is missing some you imagined would be on it, while it has others that you can’t believe made the list.

If you view a job’s worth simply by the salary that it pays or how essential it is to society, you might have a few complaints about this list. It’s important to remember, however, that there are other factors beyond salary that need to be taken into account. Some of the factors considered when evaluating over 200 different jobs across a variety of industries included environmental factors, industry outlook & stability, physical demands, salary, and stress. This is especially true due to the amount of time that workers in the US spend at their jobs. The average US worker spends approximately 66% of their time at their job or doing job-related activities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

For example, being a fire fighter is considered one of the top 10 worst jobs (#9 overall) in large part because it ranked as the most stressful job. Those enlisted in the military also find their jobs as one of the top 10 worst (#3 overall) due to the stress. Enlisted military personnel ranked as the second most stressful job.

Others on the list might seem exciting and fun, but job prospects are dim and the pay isn’t all that great. Professions such as disc jockey (#13 overall), photojournalist (#15 overall) and newspaper reporter (#2 overall) fall into these categories. The following are considered the 25 worst jobs for 2014 according to Career Cast.

25. Fashion Designer
24. Airline Pilot
23. Emergency Medical Technician
22. Military General
21. Butcher
20. Dockworker
19. Farmer
18. Meter Reader
17. Mail Carrier
16. Welder
15. Photojournalist
14. Police Officer
13. Disc Jockey
12. Advertising Salesperson
11. Roofer
10. Corrections Officer
9. Firefighter
8. Garbage Collector
7. Flight Attendant
6. Head Cook
5. Broadcaster
4. Taxi Driver
3. Enlisted Military Personnel
2. Newspaper Reporter
1. Lumberjack

It’s important to remember that just because the job is on this list, it doesn’t mean that everyone in that industry feels that way. There are certainly individuals that have jobs in the above listed industries who love what they do despite the negative aspects of the job. This is a general list taking into account multiple factors, not a definitive list.

What the list can do is help those who are considering careers to look more closely at what each of the above jobs entails, so that they can get a better understanding of why these jobs are ranked as the worst. This can help you determine if the positives you get from your field of choice outweigh the negatives that come along with it.

What is your impression of the list? Are there professions you think should have made the top 25 worst jobs that aren’t there? Are there any on the list that you think shouldn’t belong?