DIY Thursdays: Create a Simple, Elegant Bridal Shower

Keep bridal shower costs low with DIY solutions

It’s wedding season. That means brides everywhere are tying up loose ends trying to stick to their special day’s budget in preparation for the wedding of their dreams. If you are a close friend, relative, or co-worker of a bride, give her a break and throw her an inexpensive, but elegant bridal shower to help take some of the weight of her shoulders.


Nowadays you don’t have to buy any invitations. You can create your own online using various websites. You can email them out, or print them out on cardstock paper that you can purchase from your local office supply store. Of course, emailing the invites would be the least expensive choice as you won’t have to pay for ink, paper, or the postage charges. Websites like and do all of the work for you.


Create a decoration budget and head over to your local Dollar Tree store. Dollar tree locations have a large assortment of centerpieces, garlands, streamers, confetti, and other items to help you turn any room into a theme of your choice. Just pick a theme and let your imagine run wild. The best part is, you won’t pay more than $1 for the decorations that you purchase.

If you find that there are some things that you can’t find at the dollar store, head over to your local party supply store to pick up those few remaining items.


Keep the food simple, with light appetizers and beverages. A simple non-alcoholic drink option is a punch that consists of:

• 2 quarts of cranberry juice
• 2 quarts of ginger ale
• 46 ounces of pineapple juice
• 1 cup of lemon juice

Appetizers can consist of mini sandwiches, devil eggs, meatballs, vegetable trays, fruit trays, a host of other miniature delights.


The best bridal shower games, often times are the silliest games. Here are a couple game ideas that cost little to nothing.

• How Well Do You Know the Groom? – Just prepare of list of questions about the groom ( i.e. What’s his shoe size? What‘s his favorite color?) You can either ask the entire room to participate or pose those questions to the bride to see her answers.
• Design a Wedding Dress Game – Split shower attendees into groups, give them toilet tissue, have one person be the model, and make them create their own wedding dress using the toilet tissue that was supplied to them.

Shower Favors and Prizes

This should be the last expense that you will have to worry about when it comes to planning a shower. Not only will you have to choose the amount of prizes you purchase based off the number of games you will be doing at the shower, but you will also have to make sure that all attendees leave with a keepsake. Have fun, be creative, but most importantly watch your spending.

Here are a couple of great favor ideas:

  • S’mores Kit – All you need is clear cellophane paper. Put 4 square graham crackers, 2 square pieces of chocolate and 4 marshmallows in a bag. Tie them with a ribbon or thread of your liking and place your own personalized tag on the thread tie.
  • Personalized Bottle of Water – Just take a regular plastic bottle of water and create your own water bottle brand for your special event. Just create your own label, print it, and stick it on
  • Remember that bridal showers are meant a time to celebrate the bride before her nuptials. By throwing her a party where she won’t have to pay for things, she can truly relax, and enjoy a moment of solace away from your hectic wedding day planning.