Romantic “On A Budget” Valentine Day Ideas

Are you still trying to figure out what you want to do today for Valentine’s? Are you strapped for cash but still want to show that special somebody that you care?

Here are some frugal ideas to help you plan the perfect evening that won’t send you over your budget.

Prepare A Meal Together

Try out a recipe that you have never made before with your significant other. Make the list together, go to the grocery store together, pick out the ingredients together, and start cooking together. It’s always exciting to try something new together as well as you will be able to enjoy the delicious after math of a home cooked meal prepared with love.

Go Ice Skating

Ice Skating can lead to a romantic dates, especially this time of the year. Regardless of where you are skating, indoors or outdoors, the activity is very inexpensive. Most ice skating rinks have snack stands, so make sure that you get some hot chocolate and cookies to warm each other up. Ice skating is a great activity to help you and your partner get more active together.


Karaoke is always fun and free. Go to a restaurant or bar that hosts a karaoke night with your significant other and sing the night away to your favorite tunes together. This romantic night out can lead to a full night of fun with no overspending.

An Indoor Picnic

Create an indoor picnic with a picnic table, paper good, or anything else that is picnic themed that you may have available. Share finger food, your favorite treats, and a bottle of wine. You can also play card, board games, or make up your own game.

In-Home Movie

Get some blankets and make valentine’s night a movie night. Sit back and enjoy a movie together equipped with popcorn, soft drinks, and candy.

Repeat Your First Date

What is more romantic than recreating your first date with each other? Set the scene and relive that very first moment that you too connected.

Plan A Scavenger Hunt

Create a well-planned out scavenger hunt. Create different clues and place them throughout the city you live in. The last clue should lead to something big like a present or a candle lit dinner.

There are so many activities that can be done to make Valentine’s Day special without creating a hole in your pocket.

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