Upscale Home Décor on a Millennial Budget

Step away from the saucer chair and there won’t be any trouble. You’re well-educated, tech-savvy and three internships away from taking over the world. Why are you still sleeping on a fold-up metal futon?

If your answer has anything to do with budget, or a lack thereof, then it’s time to put misinformation to rest. You can afford nice things. You can afford to live better. You can at least afford furniture that didn’t start out life as a wooden pallet.

Vintage, But in an Affordable Way

If you live in Los Angeles, take a trip on over to 515 South Fairfax Street and get a load of Tini. If you have IKEA overload, Tini is the store for you. In fact, this-is-not-Ikea in more than just the name. Tini carries real, vintage finds — pieces your mother only told you about, like gorgeous red metal folding chairs circa 1952; large, imposing mirrors great for making small, cramped apartments look bigger and old school house furniture that’s been reclaimed and rebuilt. It is quality stuff for decent prices. These are the pieces that give your home depth and personality. There’s nothing bulk-manufactured or mass-produced on a Tini shelf, and your home will thank you for it. Shopping Tini and places like it make it very affordable to upgrade your decor on a post-college, pre-career budget.

Humanitarian Decor at a Millennial Price

If it’s an ethical design theme you’re after, look no further than the nationwide outlet, Ten Thousand Villages. An advocate and founding member of Fair Trade, Ten Thousand Villages sells unique personal and extremely affordable home decor items made by artisans in struggling countries. If you like the thought of displaying fresh fruit in a bowl made from genuine Vietnamese bamboo or jewelry in handmade gourd boxes from Peru, then the offerings at Ten Thousand Villages are tailor-made to warm both your heart and hearth. This affordable retailer has more than 80 stores throughout the United States and 51 stores in Canada, as well as the opportunity for online shopping. Wherever you are, you’re never that far from Ten Thousand Villages.

Satisfyingly Scandinavian

Scandinavian Designs (aka Dania) has furniture locations in seven different states throughout the West. If you adore charm and authenticity but think you can’t afford them then, du skulle vara fel, min van — you would be wrong, my friend.

Mid-century Modern decor has its roots in Scandinavian design. Fans of this decorating era adore the boxy, overstuffed and geometric designs that came out of it. Best of all, this decor is still manufactured today by Dania. Surprisingly affordable, Dania offers a full line of home goods including furniture, accessories and patio decor — all with that comfort-centric, celebratory appeal of the 1950s.

Even local department stores are sources to tap to get you started down the path to better living. Macy mattresses, Nordstrom bedding are all quality stuff at affordable prices, especially when you shop the clearance aisle. Take that first step and log onto a few websites from these local or specialty retailers. You might be surprised at the quality and selection of decor they have to offer and all at Millennial-friendly prices.

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