Three Money Saving Tips to Help You Celebrate Halloween Without Breaking Your Pockets

Each year the price of celebrating Halloween continually grows higher and higher. From the price of candy, decorations, and costumes, last year American’s spent a record breaking $5.07 billion getting ready for the holiday’s festivities. This holiday can end up being very stressful on consumers’ pockets if they don’t create and stick to a budget.

Here are three money saving tips that can help you keep money in your wallet during the second most popular consumer spending holiday in America.

1. Pre-Plan

Start thinking about what you would like to do for Halloween towards the end of September. If you don’t know what you are wanting to do, go on the internet and research different Halloween ideas and events going on in your local areas. From theme parks to Halloween parties to a quiet evening in, there is something for the entire family. This will also give you the opportunity to begin pricing costumes and decorations. Pre-planning will allow you to create and stick to a realistic Halloween budget.

2. Be Mindful of Money Saving Halloween Activities

Free and inexpensive Halloween activities and events for adults and children can be found across every town in America. Whether you are interested in only celebrating the holiday indoors or taking your child to a community festival, there are scream-worthy events that can appeal to everyone. You can start your activities search through your local newspaper or online to find the different community festivals that are being offered by local churches, schools, community centers, and governmental agencies. You can also choose to stay in and invite some friends over for a Halloween-themed potluck and scary movie marathon.

3. Reuse and Recycle

For a lot of people who love the Halloween holiday, decorating their home can sometimes be just as important as finding that perfect Halloween costume. It’s amazing to see what some paint, scissors, glue, and construction paper can really do. To save time and come up with fresh ideas, don’t be afraid to get your families and friends involved with helping you create homemade decorations. Also look around the house for what you already have that can be used for Halloween decorations. Most importantly, once the holiday is over, be careful in removing your decorations so that you can reuse them again for the following year.

Dig through your closets to see what you currently own and can create a costume out of. There is no need to spend additional money on costumes as the best, most original costume ideas are the ones that you come up with for free. If you do have to make a purchase, make sure that whatever you purchase can be used for the next couple of Halloweens so that you definitely get your money worth. For example, a single black cape can be transformed into a vampire, a gothic person, a wizard, a witch, and even a superhero.

Whether you choose to spend money on a costume or create your own. Or you choose to stay in or head out for a night of terror, pre-planning is important.