Save Money On Back To School Clothes

With the new school year just weeks away for millions of students, parents across the country may be scrambling to buy their children new outfits for their first day.

Many people opt to use their credit cards when shopping during these hectic times, as swiping their plastic gets them in and out of the store quickly. However, this also puts them at risk of carrying too much credit card debt, which can be damaging if it isn’t paid in full by the next pay period. Fortunately, there are numerous ways parents can save money on their child’s back-to-school wardrobe, including :

1. Signing up for email lists:

It would be a good idea for parents to be aware of their kid’s favorite retailers, as signing up to receive emails from them can lead to potential savings. Most stores send out coupons and notifications of special sales to people on these lists. It may also be smart to follow retailers on Facebook and Twitter, as companies are increasingly posting special offers on social media.

2. Getting a copy of the Sunday paper:

Newspapers can provide some major benefits for shoppers so it might be a good idea to get a copy each Sunday. This edition is known for having many of the best coupons, so parents might want to consider signing up for a Sunday subscription or picking it up at the local store. However, it is important to be aware that most coupons in this publication expire quickly so they will need to be used soon after clipping them.

3. Frequenting summer clearance sales:

To draw customers into their stores during this busy time of year, many retailers offer major sales. That being said, it would be foolish to purchase any clothes that aren’t offered as a discount. Many of the best deals are offered after the school year begins as stores attempt to get rid of stock for winter clothing, so parents may want to consider waiting.

4. Shopping from the couch:

There is really no need for people to shop at brick-and-mortar stores any longer, as most retailers have websites set up that offer the same clothing and sales. Additionally, shoppers can avoid the temptation of going out to lunch or dinner by staying at home, which can make the trip more affordable. Parents worried about shipping costs canceling out their savings need not worry, as this service is typically free during back-to-school months.

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