2013 Sales Tax Holiday includes Computers and Tablets

With the start of July, businesses and consumers alike are prepping for the 2013 Sales Tax Holiday.

The big newsflash in Florida this year is that computers and tablets under $750 will be included in the tax-free sale. This can yield a great discount (up to $52.50!) to anyone who plans to buy some new tech gear this season.

In The Sunshine State, where Miss Money Bee headquarters is, the Sales Tax Holiday is between August 2 and August 4.

During this time, the following will be exempt from taxes:

• Clothing (under $75 per item)
• Footwear (under $75 per item)
• Certain clothing accessories (under $75 per item)
• Certain school supplies (under $15 per item)
• Personal computers and certain related accessories for personal use (under $750 per item)

Back-to-school is the busiest shopping season right after the holidays, and the tax-free holiday is the perfect time to purchase clothes and accessories, and now even computers and tablets!

Be sure to plan exactly what you plan before you head out to the stores. For the expensive tech items, it would be wise to research exactly what brand and model you’d like to ensure you get it before it’s gone.

For more detailed information, check out Florida’s Tax Information Publication. Because each state has a different policy on tax exemptions, be sure to do a quick internet search for individual state Tax Season rules.