Simple ways to bring in extra cash this summer

The summer months are often the most expensive, as you plan vacations, weekend getaways, concerts and other outdoor events.

Many people find themselves overextended during this time, and are left wondering how to cover the various activities they have planned without racking up credit card debt or dipping into their savings.

In addition to budgeting wisely for their planned excursions – and knowing how to prioritize certain activities over others – finding ways to bring in a little extra cash is another idea that may help improve your summer finances.

The last thing you may want to think about is more work when the weather heats up, but below are a few simple ways to earn a little extra cash without slaving away in an office.

Sell unwanted items

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and you might find that your old and unwanted housing goods, clothes and jewelry can help you cover the costs of a coveted concert ticket or weekend away. Whether you choose to have a garage sale or post all you old CDs and clothes on eBay, selling them is preferable to just throwing them out. Garage sales can be a good “one and done” way to sell all your items at once, but this can be limiting if you live in a neighborhood that is not conducive to these kinds of sales. However, you can set better prices and accept bids for you items all from the comfort of your couch by selling them online.

Cash in gift cards

If you have gift cards from several years ago that are sitting in a pile, consider cashing them through any number of resale companies that accept these products. There are several websites, such as, that provide up to 92 percent of a card’s value to people who cash them in, according to Many of these websites do not charge fees, and will deposit the funds directly into your PayPal account.

Put your hobbies to good use

If you’re an office executive by day, but a secret gourmet chef by night, consider promoting your talents to earn money on the side. You might decide to start freelancing writing, tutoring local children, making jewelry or selling crafts at your local fair. Whatever your talents, you may find that you can finance your summer activities by engaging in the hobbies you love the most.