Save Money on Your Fourth of July Bash

You’ve decided to host a fun Fourth of July bash this year because who doesn’t love a good party on Independence Day?

However, your desire to play host may be overshadowed by your need to keep costs low, which can have you stressing out about your big event before you purchase the first set of fireworks.

It’s common to feel a little anxiety when throwing a party, if only because you have so much to do in so little time. When money is an issue, you may begin to feel even worse and wonder why you ever put yourself in this position.

Instead of making your party hard on yourself, take a deep breath, and consider several ways you can throw a memorable bash while keeping it affordable.

Make it a potluck

Don’t feel obligated to make 10 dishes for your guests when you could simply ask them to bring their favorite appetizer or dessert. Most people typically bring the host flowers, a bottle of wine or other gifts anyway, so when you send out invites, simply request that each person showcase their best dish at your party. This will cut down on time, energy and your grocery bill.

Make it BYOB

Adult beverages can be pricey when purchasing in bulk. Instead of supplying all the drinks, tell guests that they are responsible for their own beverages, aside from water, lemonade, soda and the like. Most people may prefer this method because then they can bring their favored drink of choice.

Purchase supplies at warehouses

Purchasing bulk items – paper plates, utensils, condiments, etc. – at warehouses, such as Sam’s Club and Costco, can save you a great deal of money. If you don’t have a membership at these locations, ask family or friends if they hold memberships and see if they’ll tag along with you.

Buy decorations at dollar stores
Dollar Tree, Dollar General and other low-cost retailers often carry themed decorations in bulk and charge next to nothing for streamers, banners, flags and other popular displays. Spending a hundred dollars at a mall on decorations you’ll use once is unnecessary when you can buy all you need for $20 bucks.

Old-fashioned fun can be cheap

Your friends and family are there to socialize and enjoy the day off, so don’t worry yourself about trying to entertain them. Play some music, set up a volleyball net or some other outdoor game and light the fire pit at dusk to provide a fun party environment for your guests.