Happy Father’s Day! – 8 Free Gift Ideas for Dad

It’s almost Father’s Day!

This Sunday, be sure to show your dad the love and appreciation he deserves. After all, he IS the guy who taught you how to ride a bike, who took you out for ice cream and who bought you video games when mom said no…

So, to show your appreciation, be sure to give your dad something he really wants this year, without breaking the bank of course.

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Besides physical gifts, there are a lot more ways to show dad he’s loved –all for free! Here are 8 Free Father’s Day ideas to take advantage of this Sunday:

1. Make a memory album.
Add all your favorite family pictures and personalize it even more with decorations and personal thoughts about your dad.

2. Give dad a chore voucher book. Create fun vouchers on your computer with offers to do some of Dad’s chores for him whenever he chooses. This allows Dad to get some much needed time off throughout the year, instead of spending his weekends cleaning the gutters.

3. Give the gift of music. Create a playlist for Dad, either of his favorite songs or songs that you share together. Depending on his technology, you can make a CD for his car or upload the songs to his MP3 player as a special playlist.

4. Go on a “dad-and-me” outing – Take a fishing or hiking trip with dad. This will make for great bonding time, and who knows? You can even catch dinner!

5. Reinforce one of his lessons – Most Dads have special life lessons that they constantly try to teach their kids. There is a good chance you can please Dad immensely if you can show him that you remember and even use one of those lessons. Spending very little money may just remind him that you know money doesn’t grow on trees.

6. Serve dad breakfast in bed – Why should Mom be they only one to get this treat? Every Father’s Day should include a homemade breakfast to show Dad how much you appreciate him.

7. Hit the grass so he doesn’t have to– When it comes to Father’s Day there is little that brings more delight to Dads and kids alike than a nice piece of grass, a Frisbee, a baseball or a soccer ball. It would be even better if you took the time to mow that lawn before you have fun together.

8. Let him know he’s appreciated – Father’s Day may not get the same fanfare as Mother’s Day, but when it comes down to it your Dad really just wants to feel appreciated. For him, small gestures that show you care are far more meaningful than buying an expensive gift.