Shopping Wisely Can Lead to Thousands in Savings

Shopping for a new summer wardrobe or booking travel plans for a long-awaited vacation can be an exciting and you may jump at the first reasonable price you see. However, the difference between shopping around a little bit and exploring every discount possibility can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in spending over the course of a year.

Unfortunately, too many people lack the patience to comparison shop and wait for discounts, which prompts them to overspend. Recent data from reveals a large number of people don’t take the time to truly explore all their savings avenues.

“Our customers are educated about deals and are considered experts on savings,” said Marc Braunstein, co-founder and CEO of “However, we still see some money left on the table when it comes to shopping and ways both retailers and shoppers can educate themselves on how to make the most of their online shopping footprint.” The study reveals how people can save money in a number of spending categories.

Shopping wisely for summer travel reservations

When it comes to booking your dream vacation, an overwhelming 48.2 percent of survey respondents said they were able to receive the most discounts by booking their trips as early as possible to avoid last-minute price hikes. Airlines frequently raise rates during holidays, travel seasons and during last-minute bookings, so getting all of your arrangements finalized early can only work in your best interest. Another 39 percent book their trips as a package, rather than booking hotel accommodations, airfare and rental vehicles individually. Don’t forget to seek out alternative means of transportation and lodging. For example, if your destination is not far, you might save money by traveling via rail rather than airfare. If you plan to stay at an exotic location for a week, renting a condo with all amenities included can save money over a fancy hotel.

Shopping wisely for summer clothing and accessories

Most people like to switch up their wardrobes as the seasons change, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to look fabulous. Peruse your favorite retailer websites to learn about ongoing or future sales, discount codes for online shopping and other ways to receive coupons. Sometimes, you can get access to free items or coupons simply by signing up for a free loyalty program. Keep these routes in mind before you enroll in a store credit card to earn discounts on purchases. Unless you plan to pay off these cards in full each billing cycle, they typically come with high interest rates and limited savings.

Remember to have a great time hunting down the best deals possible while you save a ton of cash in the process!