Throwing a Fun Valentine’s Day Party for Singles

For couples, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to do something romantic, feed each other chocolate and gush about the benefits of being in a relationship. For singles, it’s a day to mock the Hallmark holiday. Many unattached people may feel lonely, annoyed or a combination of the two on Valentine’s Day, which can make it a perfect time to get together with a group of single friends for a night of fun. If you’re looking for some great activities for your singles party, consider some of the creative ways you and your friends can indulge.

1. Throw a pampering party
You love feeling great about yourself and beautiful whether you have a beau or not, so don’t let Valentine’s Day stop you from indulging yourself. Invite a group of friends over for a night of manicures, pedicures, mud masks, makeovers and hair styling. Watching make-up tutorials and re-creating your favorite looks can not only make you feel beautiful and unique, but a fresh look might come in handy the next time you go out!

2. Cook a gourmet dinner for your friends
There can be something relaxing and productive about cooking, and planning a decadent dinner for a close group of friends may just be the night-in you need. You can either choose to cook the entire meal, throw a cooking party where you each have a task in the kitchen or turn it into a potluck party. Chocolate desserts are a must-have whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, so you can also make fun goody bags full of your favorite sweets, candies or cookies. Good food and good friends are the secret to making any holiday pleasant and memorable.

3. Go out on the town

If you don’t feel like staying in and cleaning up the aftermath of a dinner party, make reservations out with your girlfriends. Getting dressed up and enjoying an elegant dinner that you didn’t have to prepare can be exciting. Afterwards, you might consider going dancing or hitting up a local hotspot that you and your friends frequent.

4. Host a game night or movie party

If you don’t feel like braving the crowds, why not choose Valentine’s Day to host a game night with your friends or a movie night (sans chick flicks). If you’re not in the lovey-dovey kind of mood, opt for a horror movie film night or laugh yourself silly with a comedy fest. These events are inexpensive ways to enjoy quality time with your loved ones, which is what Valentine’s Day is all about.