Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Under $20

Guest Post By Allison Kaplan.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a carefree holiday filled with love and excitement. The truth is, this day is typically one of the most stressful and anxiety-ridden holidays for many people due to the pressure of finding the “right” gift for a significant other. After all, what could you possible buy in a store that demonstrates how much loved ones mean to you? Instead of stressing yourself out over finding a present that Cupid would approve of, why not go for a more thoughtful, sentimental and considerably more affordable gift?

A great cologne set or romantic getaway for two may be more common, but here are a few ideas that may show a significant other how special they are to you – without forcing you to rack up credit card debt.

1. Craft a love letter

A recent study conducted by CouponCabin found that the majority of Americans think there is less romance in the digital age. So if you find yourself communicating with your significant other via text and email more than you’d like, why not fashion a love letter that would make Shakespeare weak in the knees. To complete the picture, you can roll it up and tie it with a string to make it appear like an antiquated scroll or have the letter framed. If mushy testaments of love are not your style, make a silly list of reasons why this person means the world to you.

2. You can’t go wrong with candlelight and food

Want to avoid the crowds and reservation backlogs. Create a cozy, intimate environment in your home, complete with a decadent dinner and dessert. This atmosphere can be created easily by lighting several candles, turning down the lights and putting on soft music. You can make your loved one’s favorite meal and dessert, or try your hand in the kitchen at making a three-course meal inspired by a top chef.

3. Go for a customized gift

The usual go-to gifts may be easy and fun, but purchasing an item that shows your partner you really know them can be more sentimental. For example, you might order an older edition of their favorite book. If your partner plays guitar, consider customizing a pick. You might also choose to have their favorite watch or other item engraved with a sweet saying or private phrase used between the two of you.