Look And Feel Fabulous on a Dime

Miss Money Bee

The New Year is here and everyone wants to look and feel their best while they accomplish their resolutions. The problem is that between gym memberships, eating organically and adopting a new wardrobe, your available funds might not match with your health, wellness and beauty goals.

The good news is that with a little creative thinking and a good deal of planning, you can be the envy of all your friends while still keeping money in the bank.

So, to kick off your health and beauty regimen, focus on a few small steps.

1. Stay active for less. If it’s in your budget to pay roughly $50 a month for a good membership, finding fun classes to take may be to your benefit, but if the price is a little steep for your wallet, there are plenty of other ways you can tone up, while keeping your wallet fat. Remember that favor your friend owes you? You just found a new jogging partner!

Many community centers and fitness organizations may also offer reduced prices. Then, there is Groupon. If the same old yoga class bores you to tears, try something new each month by going on Groupon and finding out what discounted classes are being offered in your area. Between Krav Maga and advanced spin classes, you are sure to find new ways to stay active while sticking to your budget.

2. It’s time to learn how to coupon. Millions of Americans spend more money than they have to at the grocery store because they don’t download coupons or seek discounts. Couponing is no longer the same tedious and time-consuming task that it used to be. Now, you can download savings to your phone and sign up for free loyalty programs – many of which give you gas points – at your local grocery store. A few small habits, such as purchasing seasonal produce, relying on frozen foods (which are just as healthy as buying fresh) and planning your meals for the week can lead to considerable savings.

3. It’s about quality not quantity. Once you’ve gathered up and donated your old clothing, you may be in need of some new wardrobe items, but rather than spending hundreds on an outfit for each day of the week, choose a few high-quality items you can mix and match for every occasion. You might also save money by having a “clothing swap” party with friends, hitting up seasonal sales and purchasing clothing on discount websites.

So, go ahead look great and save money – I dare you!