Fun and Affordable Holiday Gifts for Your Significant Other

Miss Money Bee

Shopping for the right gift for the one you love can be a tedious and stressful task if you have no idea what to purchase. As the gift giving deadline creeps up, you may feel a sense of dread that you might never find the right gift, which can be a drain on your holiday spirit. If you’re at your wits end trying to find something meaningful – and affordable – there may be several overlooked ideas that you happened to miss while you were stressing out.

1. Book a trip
Luxurious vacation for two, anyone? What’s better than a romantic getaway that benefits both your partner and yourself! Booking a vacation in the future can give your significant other something to look forward to during the cold winter months. In addition, booking a trip in advance may give you the benefit of added savings and better rates on airlines, hotel stays and rentals. Just make sure you comparison shop and read tons of reviews to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

2. Enroll in a class

Has your partner talked nonstop about taking flying lessons or learning more about wine? Do some research online to find out where your loved one can take lessons. Around the holidays, many places offer introductory courses at a discount, and you might also be able to find some great deals on and other budget websites.

3. Focus on stocking stuffers
Many people stop receiving stockings when they’re children, but an adult stocking may be just the gift to bring out the childish enthusiasm in your partner. You can fill it with goodies ranging from foods and candies, to smaller gift items, such as books, cologne, a watch or other smaller gift items.

4. Make it a game
The holiday season is more about spending time together than gifts, so make a game out of the latter. Drive with your partner to your local mall or outlet store, place a time limit on shopping and cap on how much you can spend, and go your separate ways! This exercise is not only a cost-effective way to spend the holidays, but also a fun way to spend valuable time together.