5 Tips to Maximize Your Savings on Free Shipping Day

If you couldn’t shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, don’t worry. There is one more holiday shopping day around the corner. This Monday, Dec. 17 is Free Shipping Day, an online shopping event where more than 2,000 retailers offer free shipping for delivery on Dec. 24.

Free Shipping Day, along with Cyber Monday, is one of the biggest online shopping days, generating over $1 billion in revenue. This year the event is expected to surpass last year’s revenue. Retail stores participating in this event include: Kohl’s, Bass Pro Shops, J.C. Penny, Express, Godiva, Sports Authority and Nordstrom. To see a complete list of participating retailers, visit FreeShippingDay.com.

The Free Shipping Day event was created by Luke Knowles and his wife to extend the shopping holiday season and address the high demand for online shopping.“Give consumers what they want in a timely, convenient and affordable fashion. In the digital arena, this means free shipping with a guarantee arrival date,” said Knowles.

Most retailers offer free shipping on all orders, but some purchases may require a minimum amount. Also, keep in mind that many retailers such as Amazon, Kohl’s and Barnes & Noble are already offering free shipping during the holiday season.

Here are a few tips to make the most of Free Shipping Day:

•Check delivery dates: Event though most retail stores will deliver your gifts by Dec 24, always double check that your purchases arrive on time without any additional fees.

•Make a list of what you need: Free Shipping Day is the perfect day to buy presents, but it can also be a good day to purchase personal items or groceries. Make a list of items you may need and compare prices online to see if these products are worth buying on Free Shipping Day.

•Check for discounts and coupons: Many retail stores offer coupons or promotion codes that may lower your bill significantly. Before paying for your online purchase, check if the retailer allows you to enter a code or coupon. Then, try to Google a discount or promo code that applies to your purchase to save even more!

•Follow or like stores: Following stores on social media is one of the best ways to get updates on deals and coupons. Check your phone often to receive last- minute deals and promo codes.

•Check return policies: Stores are cracking down on their return policies this holiday. Even with a receipt, shoppers may find it difficult to make an exchange or get a refund. Read and ask about a store’s return/exchange policy before purchasing anything double check if the online policy is the same as in-store.

Happy shopping!