The Barclaycard MasterCard: Equality in Your Plastic Relationship

By Credit Card Select

Successful relationships hinge on the interplay of give and take. A partner who is too headstrong, controlling, and demanding can plant toxic seeds into unions, and given time, will fester into disaster.

The same goes for the relationship you have with your plastic. All too often, consumers can find themselves feeling like they’re at the “beck and call” of credit card issuers.

Pay this, do that. Fee here, punishment there.

Terms have changed? Too bad.

According to a recent article by the Huffington Post, the number one complaint from credit card holders regarding their issuers was false or changing bill statements. Not surprisingly, these occurrences were as a result of murky terms, especially when it came to due dates and extra fees.

But for cardholders that have either been kept in the dark or bossed around, the time may be now to seek out plastic with added consumer and card equality and transparency.

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