Let the (Budgeted) Fall Shopping Season Begin!

Miss Money Bee

by April Lewis-Parks

Temperatures are getting lower and soon the leaves will start changing, which can only mean one thing: Fall is nearly here! For most people, the fall season brings pumpkins, cozy sweaters and cool nights to mind. For others, it signals the time to put away their summer wardrobe and prepare for sweater dresses and boots. After you get done with the task of packing away your favorite tank tops and shorts, you might find that last year’s threads are worn or damaged.

Updating your fall wardrobe can be worthwhile because the outfits you select will be seasonal for the winter and spring months as well. However, it can also be expensive if you don’t employ smart shopping tactics. When you plan a big shopping trip to update your wardrobe, keep a few things in mind to help you develop the style you want without emptying your savings.

1. Think “versatile”Perfectly accessorized and matched pants, shirts, blazers and shoes can make you look sharp. But if you’re unwilling to run up hundreds in credit card bills and lack the funds of Kim Kardashian, shopping for outfits, rather than separate pieces, can be expensive. Instead, purchase tops, jackets, sweaters, dresses and pants that can be matched with other pieces and accessories. Not only does this give you a more versatile look, but it’s also extremely more cost-effective.

2. Expand your horizons
All of us have our favorite stores, but shopping with only these retailers can be limiting in terms of both fashion and affordability. Instead, drive to your nearest outlet mall and seek out more for less by visiting new stores that offer more realistic prices. Most outlet chains also have large popular chains, such as Banana Republic, Saks Fifth Avenue and designer stores that offer quality clothing at less than half the price.

3. Don’t avoid the worldwide web
Online shopping can not only be more convenient, but also more affordable. In addition to sales, redeemable coupons and free shipping offers, many retailers sell clothing that can only be purchased online, rather than in stores. So if you don’t feel like battling the crowds on a Saturday afternoon, invite a group of friends over for appetizers and online shopping.