Surviving a Summer Music Festival on a Budget

Wanna to Rock Out this Summer without breaking the bank? Here’s how!

For all those music lovers getting ready to attend a music festival this summer, the frugal savvy experts at Miss Money Bee have created a guide to help them rock out without cashing out.

Music festivals are almost synonymous with summer. What once started as a gathering of a few bands and fans in Europe have now turned into giant festivals worldwide. Some music festivals get as many as 200,000 attendees and last for three to four days.

Attending these festivals isn’t cheap – tickets can go for more than $100 per day. This doesn’t include transportation costs, food, water, etc. These things add up.

Be sure to follow Miss Money Bee’s guide to surviving a summer music festival to stay within your budget this summer.

1. Presales – Festival-goers can save a lot of money by purchasing their tickets early. Presale tickets typically go on sale at least three months before the festival date. You can sign up for an email reminder once the presale starts to make sure you get a ticket at the lowest price.

2. Donate – Most known festivals will team up with nonprofit organization such as the American Red Cross to exchange tickets for blood donations. Each pint of blood can save three lives, so everyone wins. An organization who hosts this type of exchange is Music Saves Lives.

3. Volunteer – Another way to get free tickets is to volunteer through the festival. These events are so large that they need volunteers to serve food, package goodie bags and even clean up after the event. You’ll get a free ticket and even a chance to meet some celebrities by being “behind the scenes.”

4. Carpool – Carpooling is a no-brainer because it saves money on gas, especially if you’re driving from far away. But some people forget that carpooling also means less money spent on tolls and parking. Amphitheaters and venues charge between $10 to $15 for parking alone, so just taking one car for your group of friends would be ideal.

5. Bring food and water – Heat strokes and fatigue are very common at summer festivals, so it’s imperative to eat and stay hydrated. Before shelling out $13 on a bottle of water and a microwaved hotdog, stop by your local supermarket. Buy a pack of water bottles and snack foods to bring in the venue. You can always bring a reusable bottle and fill it up at water fountains as well if you want to avoid bringing in a whole pack.