5 Tips For An Affordable And Stress-Free Vacation

If you are thinking of skipping your summer vacation, think twice.

A relaxing vacation can keep your stress levels low and make you more productive at work. Escaping from your daily routine can also reduce the risk of heart attack and fatigue.

Despite all the advantages of traveling, most Americans don’t use their annual vacation. According to thetakeaway.org, in 2011 only about 45 percent of Americans took a vacation in the summer.

Experts at www.missmoneybee.com believe that it’s always possible to take a vacation if you budget ahead of time. Here are a few tips that will allow you to take a stress-free vacation.

Determine your budget: Whether you have $10,000 or $300 in your pocket, you deserve a vacation. Before determining your destination, calculate how much money you can set aside for your trip. Once you know your budget, go to http://www.kayak.com/explore/ to find your dream gateway. After you enter your budget, flight time, and destination, Kayak will give you a list of flights that fall within your budget.

Find convenient airfare: To find inexpensive flights, you can visit Kayak.com, Expedia.com and Tripadvisor.com. After comparing prices in the three sites, make sure you choose the right dates. When searching for flights try weekdays, avoiding holidays and weekends.

Check these websites to find affordable accommodation: Booking a convenient and affordable room can be tough if you have a tight budget. If you are looking to share an apartment or rent your own, visit Wimdu.com. There you can find several accommodation options in more than 100 countries. If you are leaning towards hotels, visit Kayak.com and Expedia.com.

Renting a car vs. public transportation: Before renting a car, consider public transportation. For example, if you go to New York or Boston, renting a car is not worth it because public transportation is available in urban areas at a reasonable price. However, if you go to Orlando, FL, you would need to rent a car to drive around the city. If you decide to rent a car, check out autoslash.com. This website offers coupons, searches for best deals and rebooks a different car when prices drop.

Make a schedule to reduce stress: Before taking your vacation make a tentative schedule of work meetings and important deadlines. Make sure to complete the most important tasks before you leave and create an out-of-office e-mail reply, so your coworkers or clients won’t call you during your vacation. Also, schedule a series of tasks for each day after you come back. Evenly distributing your workload throughout the week will prevent you from overloading yourself.