Don’t Forget About Mom


Mother’s Day is about taking a moment to thank mom for all the hard work and care she’s put into raising her most beloved possession – you. Your mother has done a great deal to nurture and protect you from infancy through adulthood and now it’s your turn to say thank you!

Make sure you remember to do a little something special for her this Sunday. From buying her a gift to cooking her breakfast in bed, show her how much you love and appreciation everything she does for you. Even if your mom tells you she doesn’t want anything, do something anyways. It never hurts to spoil her whereas if you do nothing, you very well could end up in the doghouse. I speak from experience!

My mom always says she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day and one time I listened and boy was that a mistake! I could see the disappointment on her face and I never in my entire life had felt so bad. So learn from me and pamper her because there is no greater feeling then when she smiles and gushes about how special you made her feel!
The Mother’s Day edition of the Shoppers Trend Report found regardless of what moms say, 73% of them want a gift on Mother’s Day. In addition, 42% of spouses said they don’t intend to buy a gift for their partner. Men are also more likely to forget Mother’s Day with 20% of men surveyed admitting to have forgotten to wish their mom well on Mother’s Day.

The survey also revealed gift cards and flowers to be the top two gifts most moms prefer. This just goes to show that moms do want you to spend a little something on them for their special day. 52% of moms reported they wanted items that cost money. If you’re planning on celebrating with food, 38% of moms want a fancy dinner over brunch or breakfast in bed.

No matter what you decide to do for your mom this Mother’s Day, remember it needs to come from the heart. If your budget is tight go for sentimental value – make her a photo album or frame a meaningful picture. She just wants to know you care and took some extra time to think about her! Afterall, they really deserve more than just a day of pampering as the majority of their time is spent caring for you.