Top Money Saving Tips for the Summer

Miss Money Bee by April Lewis-Parks

The sunshine and warmth of the summer months seems to make people happier and allows them to enjoy outdoor activities. The summer season does not only benefit your physical and spiritual well-being it can also have a positive impact on your finances.

Summer is prime season for buying great fruits and vegetables, which translates into lower prices and more sales. Purchasing your produce at a local supermarket is great but don’t forget to check out farmers markets and vegetable and fruit stands. They usually sell an abundance of organic produce for pennies on the dollar. This not only gives you access to healthier, fresher and more affordable foods that will lead to the betterment of your well-being, but you can purchase the produce in bulk and either freeze, can, or jar them for the fall and winter seasons.

Opening windows to let the evening summer breeze cool your home, keeping shades drawn, and programming your thermostat can help keep your air conditioning bills to a minimum. Taking advantage of the nice weather by grilling your food outside can also help you avoid excess heat and energy bills. The same is true when laundry day rolls around. Rather than relying on your dryer when your clothes are out of the washer, consider hanging them outside to save money and get that summer fresh scent. If you are not a big fan of waiting for your clothing to dry outside, you can still save money by placing your dryer on a lower heat setting to let your clothes partially dry and then allow them to air dry the rest of the way through.

Most of us spend time trying to find indoor activities to do during the winter and end up spending money shopping, going to the movies or eating out, but during the summer most fairs, festivals, and local music venues are free – so take advantage of them! Long strolls in parks, barbecues with friends, and summer get-togethers are fun and affordable ways to spend your days with family and friends.

Remember to get out and enjoy the summer with family and friends to enjoy the simple pleasures of warm weather activities, because before you know it, the chill of autumn will be in the air.