Fresh Up Your Home for Spring


Bring a fresh look to your home for spring without having to break the bank. Spring has arrived and it’s the perfect time to change it up a bit. Beyond just the boring spring cleaning, consider brightening up your home with new paint and accessories.

Don’t worry this won’t wreck havoc on your finances either. All it requires is some careful planning and creativity! Living on a tighter budget doesn’t have to limit your home improvement options.

The super savvy financial experts at have put together a few inexpensive home improvement ideas for spring.

Throw on a fresh coat of paint. Paint and painting supplies don’t typically cost too much money. You can find paint for a room plus the supplies you need, like rollers and pans, at discount home improvement stores for less than $30. You can paint indoors or hit the exterior of your house to change your style and improve curb appeal.

Start steaming. Steam cleaning your curtains, drapes, linens, and bed clothes not only freshens up your home, it also rids your fabrics of winter dust and grime build up so you can breathe a little easier too. Many steam irons for clothes have a vertical steaming option, so you don’t have to spend money on a steam cleaner. Just read the user manual to your iron and you may be able to steam clean your drapes without a fight to get them off the drapery rods.

Rearrange rooms. If you’re bored with your home, try rearranging your furniture and wall accessories. Figure out a way to move around your furniture without messing up each room’s flow of traffic. You can also switch wall art and accessories around between rooms to give each room a new look.

Change towels, fixtures, and room accessories. New towels and new fixtures are both fairly inexpensive on the home decorating scale. You can also get inexpensive wall and table decorations, if you’re feeling creative hit up the crafts store to make your own. You can do flower arrangements or accessory bowls, and find new frames for pictures.

Freshen up your yard with new plants. Adding a few extra pops of color with new landscaping in your yard will give you a fresh springtime look. It will also get you ready for backyard and summer block parties. When you go to the store, focus on getting perennials which grow back each year to reduce your cost. Also, consider getting plants native to your area, since these will typically require less maintenance and water to keep them looking great.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you plan carefully before you ever enter a store to buy supplies. Plan what you want to do, make a list of what you need, and don’t buy on impulse –whatever you do!