Cut Costs while Enjoying the Beauty of Easter

Miss Money Bee by April Lewis-Parks

I love the renewed life and hope that Easter represents. I also love the springtime flowers in bloom, dressing up, watching children hunt for Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and brunch. All of these things make it one of my favorite holidays! According to the National Retail Federation, the average American plans to spend just over $145 this year on Easter family activities. With estimated spending expected to reach $16.8 billion, it’s no wonder Easter usually ranks in the top 5 most expensive holidays according to Consumer Nation.

While $145 may not seem like that much money to some, it can be an unplanned for expense that isn’t factored into your normal monthly budget so we have assemble some Easter planning tips to make the celebration easier on your wallet:

1. Make an Easter spending plan. This week, list everything you’re going to need including Easter baskets, indoor and outdoor decorations, food and beverages for brunch/dinner, table settings, and clothing. Figure out how much you are going to spend so you can plan ahead and when you have your Easter budget put together – stick to it!

2.Avoid using credit cards for Easter expenses. Find ways to cut back on a few things this week, so you have more flexibility to make your Easter a special family holiday. Do not pull out the plastic.

3. Don’t go overboard. Easter doesn’t have to be expensive, just don’t go overboard. Have an Easter egg hunt in your backyard or with neighbors instead of taking the kids to a sponsored event. Host a brunch or dinner and have friends or family bring dishes to keep costs down. Find inexpensive decorations that you can make and try to use decorations and flowers that you already have.

4. Be aware of travel costs. If you are traveling for Easter to see family or to take a short vacation over the weekend, be sure to include travel costs in your spending plan. If you’re driving, don’t weigh the car down with stuff you don’t need—only take what you can’t do without to improve your gas mileage as much as possible. If you’re flying for Easter, avoid incurring extra charges with things like taking checked luggage.