Is Your Purse Ready for Summer?

3 financial drains to watch out for as you get ready for summer!

Summer is quickly approaching and the unseasonably warm weather may have already encouraged you to pull out your dresses and start planning for vacation. You may have noticed that people always seem more cheerful during the summer season as they focus on the outdoors, attend weddings, go on trips and take part in other excursions. But these fun events can also make summer a more expensive season, and if your calendar is already jam-packed with activities, now is the time to start budgeting for these excursions.

1. Vacation

If you’re like most women, you have been dreaming about the ocean, suntan lotion and hot sand on your feet since winter. But if you plan on booking a Caribbean cruise or exploring the ruins of Mexico this summer, you had better start planning now. Making vacation preparations can get more expensive the longer you wait, so contact a travel agent now and start carving out room in your budget for vacation savings. You can also save hundreds of dollars by exploring several travel alternatives and deal websites to make your vacation more affordable.

2. Weddings

Vacation planning can be expensive, but in some cases, it’s nothing compared to what you may spend attending a wedding. Between the dress, the gift and the bridal showers, you might end up spending more than you planned. This amount can balloon even more if the wedding is out-of-town and requires you to travel. But before you start worrying, consider all the ways you can shave money off your expenses. Swap dresses with a friend or shop online for discounts on a new one. Instead of getting your best friend the $10 oven mitts listed on the guest registry, consider pooling funds together with another friend to get a moderately priced gift on the list. In addition, if you plan to travel for the wedding, make your travel arrangements early and see if you and a few friends can split the costs of a hotel room.

3. Excursions

From day cruises and weekends away to baseball games and museum tours, all of your combined summer events can add up. You can make room in your monthly budget for these activities by planning ahead each month and giving yourself an allotted number of activities to take part in. For example, if you’re dying to go on a night cruise around the harbor, look up prices early on and find out if discounts are available. Once you have a price nailed down, rearrange your budget for the month to make room. While it’s still important to save money and meet your other goals, smart planning in advance can help you avoid missing out on summer fun.