Valentine’s Day Dinner on a Budget

Valentine’s Dining on a Budget Tips:

  • Snag a deal. Visit websites such as LivingSocial and Groupon for great foodie deals to local restaurants. Just make sure your special someone knows you have a voucher in advance.  
  • Order in. Checkout websites where you can order restaurant food and have it delivered to your home. Many times you can find great discounts, for example first-time customers on receive 25% off. Light some candles and grab a bottle of wine and BAM…instant romantic atmosphere.
  • Cook together. There is nothing more romantic than sharing a night in and making a delicious meal together. Go for something simple like a heart shaped pizza. You can use the dinner and a movie approach’ to melt your Valentine’s heart. You can always splurge for desert and snag some chocolate covered strawberries to really set the mood!
  • Rewards. Numerous restaurants offer Valentine’s Day specials. Checkout coupon sites such as Surviving the Stores for the best Valentine’s Day restaurant coupons, freebies, and deals around.
  • Apps. When it doubt there is always an app on your phone that can help! The Urbanspoon app allows you to search for restaurants by price, cuisine or location.  And if you’re at a total loss, just shake the app and it’ll suggest a place for you.