6 Fabulous February Financial Tips


Hello February! Just like that, we are already more than a month into 2012. Now the question is ‘what have you accomplished regarding your personal finances?’  Have you saved and cut back expenses like you planned on Jan. 1st?  Are you prepared for the expenses that are to come this month? Well, no worries – the money bees are here to help you get a financial grip on fabulous February!

Check out my 6 Fabulous February Financial Tips that you should follow!

  1. Celebrate the Super Bowl game for FREE – The Super Bowl is being held in Indianapolis this year where several free concerts, game showings and other events will be happening statewide.  If you live in the Indy state, take advantage of these fun events where you can watch the game with friends and family without spending a penny! For everyone else, ask around to see who is throwing a Super Bowl party or go to your local sports bar.
  2. Plan for NBA All Star Weekend – This year, the NBA All Star game is in Orlando, FL and a slew of other events will be taking place on the weekend of Feb. 24 – 26.  If you want to attend one of this year’s biggest basketball events, you must plan ahead and look for deals now!  American Express is offering affordable pre-sale tickets to NBA All-Star Events here. Also, make sure to check deal sites like Priceline on Tuesdays for cheap hotel and car rental deals for your out of town stay!
  3. Remember, Black History Month for Less – Check your local newspaper for community events and parades going on in your neighborhood.  This is a great way to teach the little one’s or celebrate our countries progress for Black history without breaking the bank.
  4. Take advantage of the 29th – 2012 happens to be a leap year so instead of this month having 28 days, we have 29 days this year! The 29th happens to fall on a Wednesday, which means everyone will have the chance to squeeze one additional work day out of the month.  Take advantage of this opportunity and use this extra day of income to pay down debt or increase your savings!
  5. President’s Day – If you plan on doing any major purchases like buying a mattress or car, make sure to look out for all the President’s Day sales at retailers and dealerships. Also, honor President’s Day with a fun and inexpensive day at the beach or picnic at a local park.
  6. Shop for Valentine Day deals and specials NOW! – According to CNBC, Valentine’s Day shoppers are expected to spend more this year compared to previous years.  With this in mind, remember to show your sweetie your affection and love without overspending.  Home grown flowers, a homemade card or a home cooked meal is a special and frugal way to show your appreciation for your loved one’s!