Samantha’s Inside Scoop on JCPenny’s Skyrocket Price Drops!

Here are the three new levels of product pricing that the major retailer will be offering:

Every Day Price Cut – This price strategy will be fixed for most of the year and items will be marked with a red price tag.

Month-Long Value – Rather than offering a 2 or 3 day say, select items will be on sale for an entire month at a time!! These items will have a white price tag.

Best Prices — Clearance items will get marked down on the first and third Friday of each month. These items will have a blue price tag.

As a result of these changes, customers will also see far fewer JCPenney coupons online and in newspaper ads — so you might want to print the current $10 off $50 JCPenney coupon while you still can. Other changes include whole dollar pricing (selling something for $19 instead of $19.99) and mailing out monthly catalogs instead of larger seasonal ones.