4 Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips for Someone on a Budget

Miss Money Bee

When you’re strapped for cash, it seems the only affordable items in the grocery store are Hot Pockets and Ramen noodles. And unfortunately, many young people end up purchasing low-cost, high-fat processed meals that benefit their wallets but jeopardize their health.

The truth is grocery shopping on a budget doesn’t exclude you from purchasing the nutrient-rich items you need to maintain your well-being and improve your health. Follow these tips to stick to your budget and fuel your body with healthy, delicious meal options.

1. Stick to food staples
Whole grain rices, pastas and beans provide the essential good carbs you need to stay energized and full during the day. Good carbohydrates are a staple in any healthy diet and you can mix them up with cheap spices and vegetables to make a variety of meals. If you’re a member of a warehouse chain, such as BJ’s or Costco, you can also purchase these items in bulk at an extremely low price. A little goes a long way with these items and you can even entertain friends and family with fabulous, healthy meals without breaking the bank.

2. Shop for seasonal produce
Instead of purchasing the same fruits and vegetables each week, mix up your diet and buy produce that is in-season. These items tend to be cheaper than unseasonal fruits and vegetables and are at their peak in terms of freshness and nutrients. If you enjoy cooking, look up new recipes that feature these items and learn how to make new meals.

3. Explore frozen options
You can also find good sales in the frozen vegetable and fruit section. Frozen fruits can be tossed in whole grain cereals or used in smoothies. Frozen vegetables are just as nutrient-rich as their fresh alternatives, but may come at a lower price. Frozen broccoli, peppers, carrots and peas make great additions to stir-frys and pastas. Just remember to purchase plain, frozen vegetables as opposed to those coated in oils, sauces and marinades.

4. Keep an eye on sales
Grocery stores have weekly deals that can help you save significantly, so plan your meals around these discounts. And rely on your smartphone to tell you where the savings are. There are several mobile apps that can alert you to the best sales in your area or provide coupons for additional savings.