Holiday Gift Guide: Seven Gadgets Under $50

Holiday shopping is in full swing, but are you still looking for that perfect gift? Personally, I find holiday shopping to be a chore. I never know what to buy and everything I find is always over my budget. This year however is a different story, I have researched numerous holiday gift guides and I’m now a shopper with a plan and you can be too! The trick is finding something unique but still within your price packet — nine times out of ten this is easier said than done.

The average American consumer is looking to spend about $700 dollars on holiday gifts. With this in mind, I put together a holiday gift guide of seven gadgets for under $50. If you shop smart and plan right, you’ll be in business for the holidays!

1. Emerson Electric Wine Bottle Opener $19.99 – Popping open a bottle of wine has never been easier with the Emerson Electric Wine Bottle Opener. With its simple one-touch operation, you can open up to 30 bottles before worrying about recharging it.

2. Obol Bowl $20 – The Obol Bowl is the answer to your soggy cereal problem. Coined as “the original crispy cereal bowl,” it works by separating your cereal and milk into 2 different compartments.

3. iTouchless Electronic Pepper Mill/Salt Grinder $29.99 – As a 2-piece set, this duo grinds pepper and sea salts with the simple touch of a button. When dispensing your plate is illuminated by an automatic light. With an adjustable grinding selection from coarse to fine, you’ll be able to perfectly season any meal.

4. HARIO Coffee Grinder ‘Mini Mill Slim’ $31.92 – Making your morning cup of coffee just got a whole lot easier. With it’s easy to clean and space saver design, freshly brewed coffee just took on a whole another meaning!

5. Recycled Keyboard Clutch $37.95 – This eco-friendly tech savvy clutch is made from recycled computer keyboards. You can look stylish and remain environmentally friendly!

6. Neff Cozy Knit Headphones $44 – These woolly earphones double as earmuffs, keeping your ears cold in the winter. Neff snowboarding company offers three different stylish designs for you to choose from.

7. Roku LT $49.99 – Much like an Apple TV, the Roku LT enables you to stream services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in 720p HD.