5 Ways to Give More and Be Extra Thankful This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday when Americans, regardless of race, religion or culture celebrate what they are thankful for.  The holiday originated from a mix of English and Native Indian traditions.  The week of Thanksgiving is not just about the madness and excitement associated with the start of the holiday season, Black Friday sales, holiday shopping, football, a day off from work or eating a ton of food.  It also includes helping others less fortunate than you, going the extra mile to tell and show people that you truly appreciate them and what they have done for you.

The food agency of the United Nations reported that about 925 million people are undernourished throughout the world, mostly because the calories produced worldwide (which should be sufficient) are not effectively utilized and distributed. So while there is abundance in some places, there are shortages in others. This simple statistic should make you sit back in your chair and re-analyze all the things, opportunities and loved one’s that you are a part of your life.  Below is a list of five ways you can give more and be extra thankful this Thanksgiving Day.

1. Donate your time or money to a local homeless shelter

If everyone in America gave an hour of their time or even $5.00 to a homeless shelter in their local community, imagine how much more affective homeless shelters could be in helping less fortunate people get a new start to life.  America’s population is over 300 Million – if even 1/5 of those people volunteered at a homeless shelter of food bank, image all the wonderful emotional support and words of encouragement less fortunate individuals could receive.

2. Send a gift to a soldier overseas

Our military members are often forgotten about or put to the back burner when it comes to Thanksgiving.  You can send a care package through Any Soldier or treatanysoldier.com, two non-profit organizations that have already provided almost 100,000 service members with items that they can use to improve their quality of life while abroad.  Any Soldier also has an extensive list of popular items soldiers prefer and can find the most use of.

3. Gather your family together and help feed a less fortunate family

Family-tofamily.org is a great organization that helps less fortunate families who are not only struggling on Thanksgiving Day but also need assistance through rough times throughout the entire year.  You can help provide a struggling family with food, clothing or other necessities that they may need throughout the entire year.

4. Help you parents/spouse out with cooking/grocery shopping responsibilities

Instead of saying thank you to your parents or significant other, show your gratitude by taking on some of the choirs and duties that are associated with Thanksgiving Day’s meal.  Wash some dishes, help prep the food, do the grocery shopping or set the table.  Something small like cleaning up the table after everyone has eaten is a great way to show your love!

5. Tweet your faves and family members on Thanksgiving

Publicize your love and gratitude towards your loved ones by sending them a tweet this Thanksgiving.  You will probably be on Twitter anyway, might as well do something that will make someone you care about feel appreciated and loved.