Transform Your Summer Wardrobe into a Winter Wonderland Collection: 8 Ways to Dress For Less This Fall

Fall is almost officially here and very soon it will no longer be acceptable to wear summer dresses and all white ensembles.  I want to help frugal fashionistas transform their summer and spring clothes into a fall and winter wardrobe without breaking the bank.  Check out my easy and chic list of rules to help you transition between the seasons and revamp your wardrobe for less.

1. Shop online – If you need a new purse or coat, make sure to check various retailers ONLINE! There are numerous retailers that only offer exclusive deals and freebies if you shop on their website. Check out for great deals on shoes, purses and clothes.

2. Invest in statement pieces – If you have to splurge on one of two pieces in your wardrobe, make sure they are worth it. Items like a classic leather jacket or wool coat can be used for many years and allows you to get the most bang for your buck.

3. Comparison shop – When looking for a coat or new pair of boots to add to your wardrobe, do some internet investigating! Google is a frugal shopaholic’s best friend when it comes to finding sales and deals. For example, sites like sell Jessica Simpson and Michael Kors apparel at a 60% off compared to standard prices of department stores like Macy’s.

4. Incorporate fur accents — Forget the real thing – we are talking about faux fur. Faux fur has come a long way in the past 10 years and you’ll find it at every price point. From collars to vests to handbags, fur is all the rage. Just look at this great little bag from Kohl’s. It is faux-fur design with faux-leather trim making this handbag a true statement piece.

5. Color mixing – Take some of your bright summer outfits or beige pallets and mix them with a pair of dark brown shoes or navy jacket. Colors are still kicking in this year’s fall fashion looks. To get some more ideas, check out Harper’s Bazaar Website.

6. Menswear – Hats are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to transition an outfit from one season to another. Both the fedora and newsboy styles give a fun pop to your ordinary t-shirt and jeans. Tuxedo jackets are another hot trend that you might be able to pick-up in a vintage shop or you may be able to find it online for less.

7. The structured handbag — Mad Men clearly has influenced the fashion this fall and this includes handbags. This season you’re seeing lady-like structured purses with small handles. If you aren’t a millionaire like all the movie stars, you can get your very own Hermes Birkin look-a-like purse from a local vintage store. This way you will have a better chance of finding great deals and beat out the outrageous cost of what designers are charging.

8. Mix the old with the new – This is best theme for transitioning between seasons. Analyze what you have in your closet and mix it with a new sweater or accessories to give it a whole new feel for the fall. Remember, color blocking is a major trend and you can never go wrong mixing classic black and navy blue with pops of color.