Keeping You in The Know: Target Debit REDcard Makes Saving Simple

Attention all Target shoppers! Target launched a new rewards debit card called the REDcard. This new Target debit card offers customers a chance to save without the added hassle of points or complex rules. The Target REDcard debit card is the only card that saves you 5% on every single Target shopping trip.  If you stop and think about it, in some states it is like you are shopping almost tax-free!

The REDcard debit card, unlike the REDcard credit card, doesn’t require a specific credit score or charge any interest or fees.  The REDcard debit card links with your checking account and every time you make a purchase at Target and use your REDcard for payment, it automatically deducts the funds from that checking account. This card can only be used at Target and is basically no different

To apply for a REDcard debit card, you must fill out an application in the store and bring a blank check for the bank account you want linked to the REDcard debit card.

The REDcard debit card offers three benefits:

1.  5% off every Target purchase: You can combine this with coupons and already running sales.

2.  Turn prescriptions into 5% off: If you decide to enroll in Target Pharmacy Rewards for free, you will receive a 5% off after filling five prescriptions at Target. You can combine this with your REDcard discount and boost your savings even more!

3.  Help a school: By enrolling in Take Charge of Education for free, Target will donate up to 1% of your personal REDcard purchases to an eligible K-12 school of your choosing. Since 1997 Target has paid out $324 million dollars with their Take Charge of Education program.

The Target REDcard debit card makes saving easy. With no hidden fees or rising interest rates, you can shop worry-free. For more information about the Target Debit REDcard, click here.