Layaway your way through the back-to-school shopping season!

With several major retailers promoting layaway for back-to-school shopping, Miss Money Bee wants to be your go-to money blog keeping you informed on the benefits of layaway and what stores are offering it. Layaway offers zero percent financing over a 8 week period for school items like laptops, iPods, new clothes and school supplies – the writers at Miss Money Bee wanted to let you know what stores are offering this frugal shopping method.

For those of you not familiar with layaway, it is a payment plan where you place a small deposit (usually 5 – 10% of the items price)with the retailer and then make additional zero percent interest payments on the item until it is paid in full.  Most stores allow you to pay off the item over a 8 week period.  Once the item is paid for, you can take it home.  Layaway allows you to pay for items over a period of time without having to pay interest; although it is important to note that some retailers charge a small (typically $5.00) fee to put an items on layaway.

To help you be a frugal savvy shopper this back-to-school shopping season, I have listed the advantages of layaway and some of the top retailers that offer it.

Advantages of Layaway:

1.      Prevents you from accumulating credit card debt and accrued interest and fees that are associated with credit cards.

2.      It’s usually FREE!

3.      Provides more time to contemplate whether you really need to purchase the items.

4.      Trains you to save money when you know you have to make a layaway payment.

5.      Flexible payment schedules – you can make payments whenever YOU want within the 8 week period.

6.      You can cancel layaway and still get money back; customer may be subject to a $5.00 fee.

7.      Convenience of shopping online at!

Stores that offer Layaway:

1.      Kmart

2.      Sears

3.      Foot Locker/Lady Foot Locker

4.      Marshalls

5.      Burlington Coat Factory

6.      T.J. Maxx

7.      KB Toys

8.      Toys “R” Us/Babies “R” Us

9.      Best Buy

10.  Hallmark