PLUM “Netflix for Baby Clothes”

Tired of spending a fortune on baby clothes just for them to outgrow in a matter of weeks? Plum ( is the answer moms everywhere have been looking for. With Plum moms can now send their baby clothes back when they get too small and exchange them for new ones. It sounds almost too good to be true right? But really it’s as simple as it seems.

Plum was created by a new mother with an innovative idea. Founder Caroline O’Connor found herself buried beneath piles of hand-me-downs when the idea came to her.   O’Connor describes her website as the “Netflix for baby clothes.” At first this seems a little odd but really it makes perfect sense. Just like you would rent a movie with Netflix, with Plum you can rent boutique baby clothes.

You place your order online and Plum will create an appropriate assortment of boutique baby clothes based on where you live.  If there is a certain type of clothing you want, such as rompers, you can send an email and Plum will do their best to meet your request.

After 30 days you can return your bundle at no charge and if you want to swap them out more frequently, you can do so for just a $7.95 shipping fee. And don’t worry, if you find anything wrong with your order when it arrives, you can send it back and get a new bundle of clothing at no additional cost. Plum makes everything straight-forward and easy.

Plum is ecological and economical. With subscriptions ranging from $16 a month for two outfits to $49 a month for seven outfits, there’s really no way you can go wrong. This is an affordable way for families to save money while keeping their little ones fashionable!

Being environmentally friendly is a top priority for Plum as well. When cleaning the clothes they use lemon, baking soda and boiling water; then the clothes go into energy and water efficient front loading washing machines that are only used by Plum. They use 7th Generation Free & Clear for Babies. It’s hypoallergenic, carefully formulated with plant-derived cleaning agents and free of fragrances, dyes, and optical brighteners. Finally, they go into a dryer if needed, using 7th Generation clean and clear dryer sheets. If not, they line dry in the sunshine. To keep that fresh-off-the-line feeling, the bundles are packed with a sprig of organic lavender in a muslin pouch and all orders are shipped in a reusable envelope. Any clothes unable to be restored are washed separately and donated to children in foster care.

This San Francisco start-up is making its way on the scene offering an affordable way for moms to keep their precious ones stylish. Kids and adults alike, Plum has something for you!