Is a Summer Vacation Still Ahead for You and Your Family? If So, We Have Some Travel Planning Tips for You!

Almost every family likes to take a trip during the summer. The kids are off from school, the weather is sunny and warm and everyone is happy. But you should be prepared before you take that trip to ensure personal and financial safety and well-being.

Go over you itinerary with your children and set a game plan. Make certain they understand it’s not safe to stray from the safety of your protection. And if you are going overseas be sure you understand some of the language and cultural practices.

Here are some tips to follow:

Home Preparation:

  • Never leave check books, credit card statements or other personal financial information in the open. Be sure to lock these things up in a safe or other place in the house or secure them in a safe deposit box.
  • Lock all file cabinets that contain valuable information.
  • Shred documents that you don’t need, such as credit card applications, which have your name and address on them.
  • Request a mail hold from the post office and a vacation hold for newspaper delivery.
  • If traveling out of country make copies of your passport, credit cards and travel itinerary. Keep one and leave another with a friend or relative.

Traveling Safety:

  • Keep your credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks or other financial items with you – don’t pack them in a suitcase or carry on. You don’t need your check book and five credit cards.
  • Use a credit card instead of an ATM card. If fraud does occur, it’s simpler to report and have the charges expunged. And a thief can drain your account with an ATM card.
  • Check your credit card and bank accounts as frequently as possible. By monitoring them you will be able to verify if fraud has occurred. This is another reason why credit consolidation is a good idea; you only have to check with one creditor rather than four or five.
  • If shopping, don’t bother to bring a purse. Keep a credit card and your license in a front pocket. Do the same with a wallet – thieves can easily steal it from a coat pocket or back pocket. If either is stolen report it immediately.
  • Store all valuables in a hotel safe don’t leave them out in the open.
  • Keep all of your receipts.

By taking the time to prepare your home, family and finances you’ll almost guarantee a safe trip – Bon Voyage!