How To Cheat On Your Credit Card Homework

Having a difficult time determining which credit card to get? Well, there may be an easier solution!

Nerd Wallet is a website that allows you to compare different credit cards based on their rewards and interest. Their slogan, “We do the homework for you,” means just that; users enter the type of card they’re looking for on their homepage, how they plan to use the card and what they’re most interested in, and voila! Nerd Wallet displays the cards with the best benefits.

Nerd Wallet launched in March of 2010 and was voted Money Magazine’s Best Credit Card site that same year. So just what distinguishes Nerd Wallet from all the other companies that filter different credit cards?

According to Nerd Wallet, less than 10% of their 1714 credit cards are sponsored, meaning they display the most beneficial card regardless of whether or not they get paid. Nerd Wallet will filter your results by asking what kind of card you’re looking for, a personal, business or student card. For those who aren’t sure of what they want, there’s even a “not sure” option.

The credit card comparison site also takes your payment habits into consideration. They ask if you pay your card in full each month, if you carry a balance or if you are building credit. You can also put in your monthly expenses, pick which networks you prefer (Visa, American Express, Discover), and even put in your credit score to further filter your results.

Perhaps the best part about Nerd Wallet is there’s absolutely no sign-up or registration required to use their site. They don’t ask for your name or email, which adds a sense of security for people who are hesitant to put their personal information on the ever-growing internet. If  you do choose to follow-up on a credit card offer, you are directed straight to the credit card company.

Whether it’s your first time applying for a credit card or if you’re simply looking for a card with better benefits, Nerd Wallet is a great way to “cheat” on your credit card homework!